The Moon And Stars "Have It All" Ring - Indian Moonstone, Ruby, White Topaz

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I feel like anything is possible when I wear this ring, like I can have all life has to offer.
The Moon And Stars “Have It All” Ring
Energy enhanced to fulfill your your dreams of a wonderful future.

This ring serves as a constant reminder to follow my dreams, and hit helps make them come true! ~ Energy Artist Julia

Made with guaranteed authentic 925 silver, Indian Moonstone, Ruby, White Topaz And Pink CZ. Stones are individually set to last, not glued. Items photographed in direct sunlight.

Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee. 
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Dear Friends,
I think that at some point we have all hoped or prayed for the moon and the stars, and maybe someone even promised them to you at one point or another. 
A promise of the moon and stars isn’t so much representative of having a lot of material things, but is more about fulfillment of a yearning to have all the good life has to offer, to have all the wonderful things you dreamed of as a child and still hope for in the future.  
This ring is a reminder that you can have it all, that life can bring you many wonderful things when you open yourself to them. And while what you get may not always be exactly what you expected, you usually get what you truly need, and more. 
This ring has been designed and filled with energies to help you believe in all the possibilities of life when you wear it, and draw the stuff of your wonderful dreams and hopes to you.  It is set in guaranteed authentic 925 silver with the following stones:
Indian Moonstone - this stone, representing the moon, draws to you the powers of the divine feminine, intuition and the stuff of deep, inner mystical fulfillment and dreams.
White Topaz  - this stone brings to you what many desire … clarity, harmony, balance and a strong connection to the divine through the soul star chakra.
Ruby -this stones both grounds you to earth and is a source of empowerment to get what you want, instilling confidence, deep passion, fearlessness and wealth.
Pink CZ - this stone attracts clarity and love.
Rekindle Your Dreams 
It is a very unique and beautiful piece. And when you put it on, you do feel like you have become a force of nature, moving once again towards the dreams you may have given up on long ago. It is both highly empowering and soothing at the same time.
I guarantee that when you wear this and follow the enclosed meditation, you will begin to feel like the universe is drawing to you the things you want and need. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.*
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Don’t give up on your dreams. Make them a reality.
Energy Artist Julia
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