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Video - Tips To Boosting Your Immunity With Positive Thoughts

In this video, Energy Artist Julia gives tips to boost your immunity through positive thinking and actions.*Research shows that a positive attitude and happiness can boost your immunity from certain viruses and give you a longer, healthier life.*Visit: to see the "Stone Of Happiness" lemon quartz ring mentioned.Visit: to see the malachite spiritual protection necklace I [...]

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Video - How Happiness Might Boost Your Immunity And What You Can Do

ClicClick to see the newsletter article about how positivity might increase your immunity.Here is a link to energy images, art, jewelry and gemstones that can increase your positive, happy vibrations*This in no way is a substitute for medical advice and no guarantees are given regarding immunity from any illness including covid-19 coronavirus.

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The Energy Art Of Julia Watkins Video

In this video, Energy Artist Julia describes her amazing spiritual paintings to words,music and poetry.  Click below to start video.Click image above to start video. Image below is a thumbnail used for posting to facebook.

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What Is My Spirit Animal? What Animal Was I In A Past Life?

Loading...(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){var ql=document.querySelectorAll('A[quiz],DIV[quiz],A[data-quiz],DIV[data-quiz]'); if(ql){if(ql.length){for(var k=0;kNOTE: If for any reason this quiz doesn't load here, you can still take it at the following link: Animal A Spirit animal is a guide or animal spirt in energy form who helps you navigate life. It is often an animal with whom you identify and often can be an animal [...]

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Why you feel like dancing under a full moon and why it gives you special psychic powers.

Watch my video then read below to discover the psychic powers the moon gives you.Click Here. To See All My Art And Jewelry Items That Feature The Moon's EnergiesDear Friends,Do you ever feel like dancing under a full moon — if not physically at least in spirit? Have you ever had a dream or visions of [...]

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Your Spiritual Awakening Is Happening Now. New shifts foretell the “Great Awakening.” What this means for you.

Learn why many are reporting accelerating spiritual abilities and psychic abilities.Dear Friends,Are you experiencing recent turmoil and struggle? If you are already spiritually gifted or already spiritually awakened, it probably means that you have been chosen to be part of the Great Awakening which is happening right now. Don't worry. This is a good thing [...]

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Positive Thinking Is More Important To The Universe Than You reaize

What you think has more way effect than you think.Did you know that because the universe and also alternative universes are infinite, it is a mathematical probability that anything you can think or conceive actually is occurring somewhere else?And, just thinking those things may cause them to happen in an alternative universe or maybe even [...]

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Spiritual Reading - Psychic Reading By Energy Artist Julia. Reconnect with nature through the white wolf.

Your Spiritual Reading Today Says  - You need to reconnect with nature to reach your full abilities and move forward.About You: You are capable of amazing things but lately you have strayed from the greatest source of your power, your deep connection to nature. It may be a connection you have always recognized, or [...]

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8 Signs You Are Under Spiritual Attack - And How To Receive Protection

These Energy Images Can Help You When You Are Under Spiritual Attack.Always also seek professional advice if any of these occur.Eye Of Horus Spiritual Protection Image (click)Hamsa Spiritual Protection Image (click)

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