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What Is My Spirit Animal? What Animal Was I In A Past Life?

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Below is the most accurate spirit animal quiz there is. It has been used by 1,000's of spiritual practitioners. It will tell you both your spirit animal and what animal you were in a past life.

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NOTE: If for any reason this quiz doesn't load here, you can still take it at the following link:

Spirit Animal

A Spirit animal is a guide or animal spirt in energy form who helps you navigate life. It is often an animal with whom you identify and often can be an animal you were in a past life.

Your spirit animal will appear to you in dreams or visions and isn’t necessarily a specific animal but is the pure essence of that animal and embodies all of its positive attributes. These attributes, powers and abilities are transmitted to you.

Often the spirit animal will tell you to perform certain rituals to both bring the spirit forth and to obtain whatever it is you need to do.

NOTE: A spirit animal will never criticize you or tell you to do bad things.If you find this happening you need to ground, clear and seek items for spiritual protection.Visit the following link for items that provide spiritual protection:

The strongest item for spiritual protection is the hamsa.

Animal Spirit

Animal spirit refers to the essence of the animal, kind of like it embodies all of the attributes of that animal.For example, winter fox is smart and is never worried no matter how harsh the situation around him/her.

Discover Your Spirit Animal - Spirit Animal Quiz

As I said above, your spirit animal is often an animal you were in a past life or spirit life.In other words you may not have been the physical animal but instead inhabited its spirit form. below to take a very accurate quiz that will tell you and give you a lot of advice for this.

NOTE:  If for any reason this quiz doesn't load here, you can still take it at the following link:

List Of Spirit Animals

Below are a list of spirit animals we cover. Click the links to see energy paintings created that contain their essence and also read descriptions about their spiritual properties. Staring into these paintings helps you connect to the spirit animal.










Elephant - Indigo

Elephant - African

Fox - Forest Fox

Fox - Winter Fox

















Red Stag




White Wolf


Communicating With Your Spirit Animal

You may realize that your spirit animal has communicated with you in your thoughts and dreams for some time.  Just becoming aware that you have a spirit animal and what its attributes are is very helpful.  You can also set your intention and say you intend to speak with our spirit animal during meditation.  There are also useful aids at this link in the form of energy totem paintings and jewelry:

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