Your Spiritual Reading Today - You can be the calm within the storm.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 27th 2020

Some days, it can feel like the primal Fight or Flight response is the only response you have available to you. Take a moment to breathe at least 5 deep, slow breaths. Commonly, during any fear response we breathe shallowly, which starves our brains of oxygen. Make time to meditate, … read more

Your Spiritual Reading Today - Fear does NOT have to rule your life!

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 9th 2020

"Do not be afraid; allow the Light to empower you!" ...Fear is one of your root emotions. Do not feel alone, everyone in the world experiences this. An infant child, upon not being able to find its mother, will be afraid that is has been abandoned and may soon die. Fear is often experience … read more