Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Trust your instincts completely, but not when they bring up irrational raw emotions.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When things don't seem right, it is best to trust your gut instinct and first impression. The great spirit gave you the ability to sniff out danger on a psychic level. Ignoring this most often leads to regrets.

 Trust your instincts and strengthen them through a strong, meditative connection with nature. If the impression feels peaceful and "uncharged" with emotion, it is most often right. If however it is full of irrational emotion, it is probably based of your "stuff" from the past and past lives. It needs further examination.

 Think back over times you have felt this way and what "set you off." Get to the source of irrational emotions that have lead you astray. Gaining the ability to tell correct "gut instinct" from irrational fear will be well worth your effort.