Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Verbal battles lead to more suffering.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When people criticize you and you feel verbally assaulted, don’t retaliate. Engaging in a battle with those who build themselves up, by putting you down, diverts energy from more productive measures. When you feel threatened by another’s opinion, search for the place in your body whe … read more

Your Spiritual Reading Today - Combat anger with love. Take a deep breath before you respond, letting kindness and understanding transform your world.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 30th 2020

Your world will evolve and transform when you respond with empathy.It is part of our genetic programming to respond aggressively to the hostility of others, meeting force and aggression with the same.  It is gut instinct.As evolved beings, we do have the ability to make the choice to not respon … read more