Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Imprints on your soul will attract similar, repetitive situations.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 9th 2020

When we feel we have been emotionally damaged, sometimes we are projecting the baggage we carry onto others, when they are actually innocent. In other cases, we are bruised and find the perfect situation or individual to reenact our original wounding.

You may find yourself in the same relationship over and over, with different but similar players. Repetitive patterns are caused by imprints on your soul and you forget you can be any other way.

To stop this spiral, the first step is to notice and become self aware. Are there any benefits? For example, if we rely on others for our care, do we get to avoid taking risks and making our own decisions?

Seek a practitioner who can work with you to release these cycles. Then, you can reach your highest potential and stop being the victim.