Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Verbal battles lead to more suffering.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 15th 2020

When people criticize you and you feel verbally assaulted, don’t retaliate. Engaging in a battle with those who build themselves up, by putting you down, diverts energy from more productive measures.

When you feel threatened by another’s opinion, search for the place in your body where you are reacting. Does your chest feel tight? Does your head feel woozy? Are there butterflies in your stomach? Direct a deep breath into the area and exhale out any tension and anger you might feel.

Once you have restored your sense of peace, the person attacking you may lose interest and stop. Let go of any victim feeling without lashing back. Sheath your verbal sword and walk away. In many cases, if you are unwilling to let others verbally provoke you and disengage, the perpetrator will move on.