Your Spiritual Reading Today - Combat anger with love. Take a deep breath before you respond, letting kindness and understanding transform your world.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 29th 2020

Your world will evolve and transform when you respond with empathy.

It is part of our genetic programming to respond aggressively to the hostility of others, meeting force and aggression with the same.  It is gut instinct.

As evolved beings, we do have the ability to make the choice to not respond this way.  It isn't easy because when you feel threatened your body goes into fight or flight response, releasing hormones and chemicals that ready you for attack.

But when you respond to aggression with kindness and understanding, people respond in kind.  It is miraculous how quickly they will become calm, relaxed and filled with the light of the creator.  And when you do this, you become a beacon of positivity in our society.  You become spirit's agent for change.

This isn't saying you should not protect yourself or take precautions.  It more deals with hostile words, posts, and statements.  

The trick is to control your initial reaction.  Meditation can help.  But also, just tell yourself that no matter what happens, or what people say, you will always take a step back and contemplate what they have said.  From this position of contemplation, you can decide how to respond.  You can look for positive things to say that will bring these people around.

It not only brings them relief from negativity, but it gives you a huge positive charge of energy, love and light. It transforms your world into one of love versus anger, understanding versus ignorance, harmony versus disunity.

To help you, here is an energy image called the peace tree. By staring into it you fill yourself filled with love and understanding that lasts your entire day.  Click on the image to learn more about it.

The Peace Tree Energy Painting By Energy Artist Julia

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