Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Negative self talk can damage your own energy field making you vulnerable.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 21st 2020

Walk away from people who attack you and refuse to battle in response to their taunting. By refusing to engage, you will avoid escalation and set healthy boundaries.

Notice if you are bullying yourself with your own inner voice. Do you berate yourself for your mistakes? Do you find fault in your actions or lack of action. Do you lack patience with yourself when you are learning new things? You can do just as much harm listening to your inner bully as you do by heeding another’s criticism and blame. Shamans call negative self talk self-sorcery. You can damage your own energy field and expand unhealthy patterns with your inner critic.

Drop this habit today. There is no reason to go another moment self criticizing. Let go of self judgment and blame to foster a happy, successful life.