The 7 Chakra Power Healing Bracelet - The only one with guaranteed authentic healing stones.

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The Only 7 Chakra Bracelet With Guaranteed Authentic Healing Stones
The Seven Chakra Power Healing Bracelet
All stones hand-selected for their beauty, quality and healing powers, then energy infused by Julia.
Created under spirit's divine guidance. Includes authentic red jasper, red garnet, orange carnelian, yellow citrine, green aventurine, blue apatite, and purple amethyst. 
Hand made in the USA.  Leather front added to improve durability and beauty while stretch backing makes it easy to fit and comfortable to wear. 
Includes hard-to-find, large-hole beads that allow us to use larger stretch cord and leather -- makes your bracelet last far longer than what others sell.  Sent in a nice gift box with instructions for activating the stones.
I feel better when I wear this, so I want to wear it all the time. - Energy Artist Julia



I guarantee that when you wear this bracelet, and follow the included instructions you will experience the benefits of chakra healing and feel better. 

If it doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund*

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All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee!  

Note:  The only reason I can offer this quality stones at this price is that I purchase in bulk, by the kilo. I'm passing those savings on to you.

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NOTE:  Chakras are the spiritual energy centers within your body.  Clearing and healing them is the basis for much of eastern medicine.


Dear Friends, 

For years now, I’ve seen many people selling chakra healing bracelets that even from the photos I can tell include fake stones, glass and resin composites.  The internet is just full of these mass produced items and they usually fall apart right after you get them. 

I realized that people are spending a lot of money on things that don’t provide the amazing benefits of chakra balancing and healing.

So I decided to make a high quality, high energy 7 chakra healing bracelet, with authentic healing stones, in a beautiful design that will stand up to wear. 

What I created, under the guidance of spirit was this stunning bracelet, where the upper half around the chakra stones is beautiful, wear-resistant, hand-knotted leather and the bottom half uses a traditional stretch cord for a more adjustable fit.

I hand-selected the stones, picking through large numbers of them to find the very best ones to make your bracelet.   

Here are the chakras that each of these stones heal:

Root Chakra: Healing this chakra grounds you and brings stability to your life. To help with this your bracelet includes:  Red Garnet and Red Jasper which emits a grounding vibration that resonates with the lower three chakras while increasing the amount of chi energy in your aura.   

Sacral Chakra: Healing this chakra improves sensuality, pleasure and creativity. To help you with this your bracelet contains Orange Carnelian which is also known to promote the free flow of creative thought and remove things like writer’s block. 

Solar Plexus Chakra: Healing this chakra increases your personal power. To help you, your bracelet includes: Yellow Citrine which enhances self-confidence, while also bringing joy and abundance to your life.

Heart Chakra:   Healing your heart chakra colors your life with compassion, love and beauty. To help with this your bracelet includes Green Aventurine for energizing the heart chakra and bringing luck in any venture you undertake.

Throat Chakra. Healing the fifth throat chakra enhances communication and expression. To help you with this your bracelet includes Blue Apatite which is a high-intensity throat chakra healer that also enhances manifestation of the things you want in life.  

Third Eye Chakra. Healing the third eye chakra enhances your intuition and inner wisdom, helping you see things as they truly are especially within the spiritual realm. To help you with this your bracelet includes: Blue Lapis which is a stone not only providing spiritual vision, but also protects you so you don’t pick up bad energies while you are gazing out.

Crown Chakra. Healing the crown chakra opens you to a higher state of consciousness and all the knowledge of the universe. To help you with this, your bracelet includes Purple Amethyst which in addition to helping you connect with higher beings and knowledge, filters muddled or garbled messages so you can truly understand what spirit is trying to tell you.

Blessing And Energy Infusing Them Makes All The Difference

Stones have natural power. But for them to really work well, they need to be cleared of bad energies, infused with good ones then a channel to spirit needs to be opened so they can stay powerful forever.

This is what I did for your bracelet.  You will notice a big difference between it and others you may have the moment you put it on 


I not only guarantee that the stones are authentic, but I also guarantee that when you wear this and follow the instructions, you will see the benefits of chakra healing in your life.

If it doesn’t work for you return it within 30 days for a refund 

Feel Better

I’ve made other 7 chakra healing jewelry, and what people tell me, more than anything else, is that they feel better when they wear it.  Many put them on and never take them off.  They’ve told me that can’t imagine not wearing it.

I’m betting you will feel the same way.  I hope you will give me and this piece the opportunity to bring goodness to your life for which it was intended.  


Energy Artist Julia


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Product Reviews

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    The 7 Chakra Power healing bracelet

    Posted by Barbara Grant on Apr 13th 2022

    This makes me feels so Confident and that My Chakra are now in Balance. I always have a Positive Feeling, when wearing this! I love it, Love it, Love it! Keeps me positive!

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Peggy on Apr 6th 2022

    I love this bracelet and wear it all the time. I gives me great energy.

  • 5
    Love this bracelet

    Posted by PJ Wittick on Mar 17th 2022

    When I put this bracelet on it makes me feel amazing.