The Calm Waters Peace & Abundance Treasure Finder's Bracelet. Rare large pearls and aquamarine guide you through turbulent times to true riches

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The instant I touched these stones, the chaos of my life, and the troubles of the world around me fell silent. I was finally at peace ... and then my eyes opened and  I saw the hidden treasure.
Featuring "The Calm Waters Peace & Abundance Treasure Finder's Bracelet."
Evokes the magic of ancient mariners to calm, soothe and protect you during turbulent times while leading you to vast riches.
Features very rare, thick nacre, 16.5 mm coin pearls which take 5 years to form PLUS vintage natural aquamarine. It is so rare and powerful that we could only make 34 bracelets, so hurry.

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Dear Friends,
Spirit has guided me to create for you something that will bring you peace during the chaotic times we are all experiencing and lead you to life’s many treasures.  
It would be an understatement to say our world has become turbulent and confusing -- with the contradictory things we hear on the news, of massive changes to our lives, facing financial insecurity while scary predictions about the future bombard us daily.  
Many of us don’t even know what or who to believe, what direction to take, and where we are going. It is like we sail on dangerous waters with no land in sight, tossed about by each new inflammatory and divisive news cycle.  
But we also sense that somewhere is a way for us to energetically get a grip on it all, change our perspective, steady the boat and live once again in peace and the fluidity of calm prosperous waters.
Here is something that will really help.
A Stone Combination That Makes Life Calm, Peaceful And Easy
Under the direction of spirit, I channeled and designed this bracelet. And while I did, within my mind I saw you putting it on, taking a deep breath, letting it out and finding peace and riches in all your life.
The vision was of your standing by an angry sea, which instantly fell to calm, beautiful and altogether magical, a representation of the life you will experience when you wear it and follow the instructions
Here is what spirit told me to include.
Rare 5-Year Button Pearls. I added pearls to your bracelet that bring about the wisdom to see through the illusions that make your life stressful, that instill in your beating heart calm and centeredness, and that protect you, bringing abundance and a deep sense of security.
But these aren’t just any pearls. I felt the powers in my hands guided to pick out very large 16.5 mm, highly energetic, naturally colored button pearls, with very thick nacre. 
They were of course the most expensive pearls available (20x more than the least expensive ones), because while a normal pearl takes 2 years to form, these, with their thickness take 5 years to form.  
I tried other less expensive pearls, but none of them gave me the vision of you finding peace and abundance like these did when I touched them. They were just so unusual and fabulous. I bought all there were.
The problem with them was that the holes were too small for stretch bracelets which in my vision I saw you wearing. So I had to have them hand drilled to a larger size.  
Rare Natural Aquamarine Disks
I felt compelled to choose aquamarine because in ancient legend mariners wore them for protection when crossing turbulent oceans. They calmed the waters, set out a guiding star and lead them to treasure on mystic islands.
These were the only natural aquamarine stones I had ever seen in this size with unusual colors ranging from blue to green and even some with a little yellow.  
Most aquamarine is heat treated, but these were not. They come in the natural form mariners of old used, with all of those ancient powers they once coveted. 
Once again, when I touched them I saw the the vision of you looking out over the turbulent waters of the world, and finding calm and direction to riches when you wore these stones.  So I bought all they had which wasn’t much.
Priceless And Limited - Your One Time Chance To Get This
There just wasn’t much material to make these and I could only make 34 between all sizes. While I may be able to get more of the pearls in the future, the aquamarine is vintage, having been preserved in a warehouse in India for at least 30 years.
So the chances of me making this again are pretty slim. 
This may be your only opportunity to ever own something like this. Hurry if you want one.
The Magic I Added To Your Bracelet Guarantees Results
This is one of those creations where the stars and moon aligned, the mystical winds of big magic flowed into the piece, and somewhere along the line it went from jewelry to a sacred talisman.
So I have no qualms guaranteeing that when you put it on, and follow the mantra/instructions often, you will notice a big difference in your life.
When you do this, no matter what is going on around you, cars honking, children screaming, people demanding things from you, scary things happening in the world, the chaos you feel, will fall to nothing. 
Even if it continues around you, you will be serene inside, which eventually affects everything in your presence. And you will find both the treasures of joy and abundance in opportunities you couldn't recognize before due to all the chaos.
If it doesn’t work for you after practicing this, return it within 30 days for a refund.
The Great Value. Bringing Back The Magic Of Old
This bracelet does cost a bit more than many of the others I sell. That’s because it is so rare, powerful and beautiful.
Things like this are highly sought after and you would have to pay a huge price in a jewelry store for them if you could even get them. You would pay 3X what I am charging. And they wouldn't even be energy blessed.
When I made this, I had to tap into magics of old, the energies sailers at the whims of wind and water used to ensure they survived and thrived on the ancients seas.
I imagine that if they were to come across this piece in a market, or buried in a treasure chest on an island, they would sense its talisman power, sacrifice much to get it, wear it and never be without it.
When I send this to you, I send an old, deep and proven magic for navigating a turbulent world. What it does for you is priceless.
Give It A Try Before It Is Too Late
The proof is in the pudding though. Give it a try. See how it affects you. See if the magic of this talisman rises within and becomes your “go to” piece for restoring calm and confidence, for quieting the mind and letting peace and abundance flow to you.  
When you feel it's magic, you will know why you were so attracted to it from the start.
Energy Artist Julia
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Product Reviews

  • 5
    Calm Waters Bracelet

    Posted by Mindy on Feb 12th 2024

    This bracelet is really unique. I have never seen a beautiful coin pearl bracelet like this before. The coin pearls are beautiful and their gentle energies pair nicely with the vintage aquamarine beads. This is one of the most soothing bracelets I have ever worn. Thank you, Julia!

  • 5
    Calm Waters bracelet

    Posted by Lucy Twedt on Feb 3rd 2024

    When I put this bracelet on, I felt calm and knew that everything would be ok. I wear it everyday to relieve anxiety and uncertainty and it works. It is bigger than it looks in the picture, bigger than all my other bracelets and the size makes me feel even more grounded and secure. It has made a huge difference in my mental health and it is also gorgeous. I am so, so happy I have it, this bracelet truly is a blessing and a treasure.

  • 5
    Beautiful, Chunky, Beachey

    Posted by Annie M ODell on Jul 3rd 2023

    This is a chunky but beautiful bracelet, and compared to my other slim-line Julia bracelets, I would classify this as Statement Jewelry. I can see wearing this alone with an amazing white, sea green, or blue sundress or to compliment a bikini. The pearl disks are of different sizes, punctuated with silver embossed cylinder beads, and a few smaller silver disks. Very pretty to look at.

  • 5
    very good product

    Posted by Shirley L. on Jun 21st 2023

    This is a very beautiful and well made bracelet. After i put it on, i feel calm and feel strong. In total, i have bought 3 necklaces, 4 bracelets, 1 bangle and two rings from Julia...her jewelries always bring me good lucks....

  • 5
    Calm Waters or is it

    Posted by Kathryn Dematteis on Jun 1st 2023

    Very Beautiful! Stones are Amazing! I enjoy wearing it each day.. truly feel more calm just looking at it. Love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Suzanne Goodnough on May 29th 2023