The “Essence Of Life” Energy Bracelet. High grade crystal blue/green apatite concentrates ancient marine life-force energies to make you feel younger and more energized.

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When I touched this stone, I felt the concentrated energies from the eons of marine life deposits it took to make it. And you will too.
The "Essence Of Life" Magical Energy Bracelet
Beautiful, glowing, high-grade crystal blue/green apatite set in gold fill bracelet chain. 
Releases pulses of healing, transformative, magical energies some people search a lifetime to find. Makes you feel younger and more energized.  
Mother nature compressed tremendous life energy into this bracelet. You can feel it transform you when you touch it. ~ Energy Artist Julia
This is a fine jewelry piece offered at 1/3 the cost you would pay in a jewelry store.  Very limited quantities available.
An Energy Artist Julia™ Design.

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Dear Friends,
I knew this stone was special. It seemed to be filled with the energies of life and youthful vitality I had searched for years to find. When I looked at it closely, it even glowed under a blacklight and in certain sunlight.

I researched it, and wasn’t surprised to learn that this blue/green apatite comes from ancient marine life forms, which over eons deposited their bone and scale into sediments that then, under great pressure were concentrated to form this iridescent stone.

This is the highly concentrated spiritual essence of billions of beings from our ancient oceans. It is both magical and awe-inspiring. It is the essence of life. 
And if you touch it, you can feel the pulse of life run through you, heal you and raise your connection to all things, to the swell of the nurturing ocean tides, to the warmth of the sun and to the brilliant stars all life looked up to in wonder since the beginning of time. . 
Now I’d seen apatite before, but it was always solid color. The only time I saw it semi clear like this was when it was being cut into fine stones for setting rings.
So I was quite happy when I was able to get some of the finer quality, higher energy raw apatite and have it set into gold fill chain and create this bracelet for you.
It is pure life-force power. You can’t help but notice many wonderful changes when you wear it. I would swear I look and feel younger when I wear it.
What Does This Essence Of Life Do For You?
We’ve all seen the movies where a fascinating, mesmerizing glowing crystal is discovered in secret ruins. The explorers find it has magical powers and with just a touch the beholder becomes far more than before, transforming into all that is possible..
Apatite is the closest I’ve found to such a thing. When you follow the activation card included with this bracelet, and follow the meditations for accessing the energies, you can experience an immense transformation. 
It may not come all at once, but when you look at it, and practice with it day after day, you will notice it easier to move forward in your life, and that your inner spirit dances in the light of this fascinating creation of spirit, that you have more energy optimism and confidence..
I even guarantee that you will feel more energized, and transformed when you wear it and practice the meditations daily. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Limited Availability
I only have 34 total bracelets, but just 10 or less per size. If you want to experience energies that will change your life for the better, in magical ways, I suggest you get it now. We don't plan to make more.
I look forward to hearing how this has helped you in your spiritual life.
Energy Artist Julia


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It is really hard to find so this may be your only chance , and
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