The Goddess Bracelet - Helps you rediscover your divine magical nature. Phosphosiderite, purple ruby, amethyst, hematite.

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When you put this elegant bracelet on, you feel royal, confident, magical and enlightened.  And you realize that somewhere within has always been the spark of the divine.
Introducing “The Goddess Bracelet”
Helps you overcome self-doubt and rediscover your magical, goddess nature. Life becomes much easier when you do.
Includes energy channeled cosmic connection and confidence stones including phosphosiderite, faceted amethyst, hematite and faceted purple ruby.
This bracelet makes me feel elegant, powerful and magical. ~ Energy Artist Julia
Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.
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Dear Friends,
There was a time in your childhood when your self-awareness included the knowledge of your importance to the world, of the magic you possessed, and that you were and are a blessed child of the creator.
You shined bright. But then the world began to do what it does …. breathing doubt and uncertainty into your mind, telling you that maybe you are not so special, making you forget that inside you is the power of the divine, the divine feminine, your inner goddess.
It happens to all of us. With loss of innocence, your magic fades and with it, a lot of your confidence. And at some point, you find yourself at a crossroads and you find it is time to rediscover the true you.
The process of awakening as an adult is to cast off these negative energies that have attached to you and once again embrace that inner goddess, light, beauty, magic, confidence and power.
This bracelet helps find what is lost, and let it shine once again.
Spirit Sent This To Help You
I let spirit guide my hands without thought to create this for you--the thing that is most needed now.
And the impression I got, the vision I saw for the piece was of you wearing it, residing in high places with a sense of royalty, wisdom and vision -- raising you far above the insults, injuries and negativity directed your way …. like you see them as petty and even childish. 
It takes your mind to a higher plane, so you can look down upon things and realize they are not you, and no longer affect you.
How It Works
I’ve energy channeled your bracelet, asking spirit to infuse it with the powers of self-confidence, divine feminine, vision and most of all magic.
The stones it contains include:
Phosphosiderite - this stone, while quite soothing, also connects you to the higher vibrations of the universe, divine knowledge and vision. At the same time it instills self confidence through the knowledge that you truly are a magical being.
Amethyst - this faceted stone also connects you to divine knowledge and insight through the crown chakra, while healing you and protecting you.
Purple Ruby - This special royal ruby grounds you and enhances your sensual nature, while also connecting you to the higher levels of ethereal knowledge.
Coated Hematite - This is a powerful grounding stone that helps you bring back to our world the knowledge from above.
Together, they help you discover your inner goddess power and project to the world around you, open doors you thought would always be closed.
A Rare Combination - Hurry
This is the only time I’ve seen these stones used together in this way, but it is what spirit says you need right now, and these cuts are not commonly found. When they run out, they will most likely be gone forever.
Hurry if you want one. 
Guaranteed Results
I guarantee that my stones are authentic. There are so many fakes being sold these days that this is very important.
I also guarantee that when you wear this, and follow the included mantra for two weeks, you will begin to feel the inner goddess, your magical nature rise within. 
Things will just seem easier.
If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund.
Rediscover Yourself And Find Your True Place
This bracelet was created to help you find the powerful person you may have forgotten lives within you. And when you do the world will open to you, the light will shine brighter than ever before, and you will once again walk this world as a confident, blessed, magical being.
Energy Artist Julia

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Don't Wait.
You know you could do much in this world if you tapped your inner power, and
You know that somewhere within sits the most powerful version of you, and
With this royal bracelet you have a risk free, guaranteed way to find this within yourself, so
Get yours now while you still can, and watch your life change.
* Note: These items were created for healing and protection of the spirit only. They are not a substitute for medical treatment or the advice of medical, financial, legal or other professionals, or for physical protection. Our obligation under the guarantee is limited to the price you paid us directly for the item and you agree to the same when you purchase them.
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    Posted by JERI THORNSBERRY on May 17th 2023

    I love wearing this bracelet. I feel calm, poised and powerful when I have it on my wrist.