The Heaven & Earth Power Blessing And Mindfulness Bracelet - Crackle Cube Quartz And Red Agate

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The Only Energy Bracelet I Know That Brings You The Powerful Energies Of Both Heaven And Mother Earth, Simultaneously.
Helps Create For You ThePerfect Mindful Spiritual State Sought By Taoists And Tai Chi Masters. Learn More Below.
This is a great bracelet to wear during meditation. It concentrates energies within you. ~Energy Artist Julia
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Dear Friends,
I always wondered when spirit would guide me to create a jewelry piece like this … one that links you to heaven and mother earth simultaneously, so that both of those energies can reside within you at once , providing great blessings, prosperity, healing of the spirit and even enlightenment.
Essentially what happens is that you put on the bracelet and quietly sit as the powers of heaven, channeled through the crackle quartz enter you from above, and the powers of mother earth, channeled through the red agate, enter you from below.
It is a wonderful feeling to feel mother earth and the light of heaven meet within you while you quiet our thoughts and think of nothing but the energies and your breath. 
Previously, I always saw mixing heaven and earth energies as somewhat unstable, or hard to control … that was until I found quartz in a cube shape which is known to bring permanence, stability and geometric perfection.
This is actually the harmonious state sought by Taoist and the powerful state that Tai Chi masters seek when practicing their martial art. It helps you harness the great flow of cosmic energies so you can be a source of light in our world.
And those are amazing things, but there is even more to this.  
The Mindfulness Connection
When you mix the energies of heaven and earth while meditating, you can enter the great mystery, the wordless state of non-thought where you see and experience things beyond description. You realize that you are finally seeing the world as it truly is, and it is beautiful beyond anything you have ever experienced.
Sitting without thinking, while taking in the great flow of energies around you, is a state of mindfulness that I have found to be very beneficial in pushing you towards the ultimate goal, spiritual enlightenment.
I Teach You How To Get There
With this bracelet I include instructions and a power mantra that helps you reach this perfect mindful spiritual state. And the more you do it, the easier it gets.
I’ve been doing this with Spencer every day. And we are seeing much improvement in the way we feel and function.
The Science Behind Mindfulness Meditation
This is only a short summary of many studies and research into the benefits of mindfullness type mediation. 
A recent study at Georgetown University discovered that mindfulness based stress reduction programs are as effective as one common medication for treating anxiety disorders.
Dr. David Creswell at the University of California, Los Angeles found that mindfulness based stress reduction can improve immune function even in those with HIV. 
Other studies or research suggest that this sort of meditation, when combined with other treatment can help protect mental cognition from decline due to aging, can improve focus, can reduce pre-hypertension and might even improve mental health.
Now I must mention that while there is significant science behind the benefits of mindfulness type meditation, there is none regarding using gemstones as a part of mindfulness practices. Gemstones benefit you more on the spiritual versus physical level. 
For me though, gemstone combinations like this help my focus and concentration when I practice mindfulness. And because I see them all the time as I wear the bracelet, it gets me to meditate more frequently, which can have great benefit. 
And I feel great joy and delight looking at something so pretty. They create a better, more beautiful environment in which I live. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt an emotional or energetic lift when then they wear a beautiful gemstone.
My Hope For You
I hope that this bracelet will get you on track, inspire and motivate you to practice daily the mindfulness meditation that comes with it, as well as other meditations, as they can change, transform and improve your life.
If you can even give it a week, wear the bracelet and practice the meditation, I guarantee you will see a difference in your outlook.* People even see benefits after the first time they try it.
I look forward to helping you navigate this crazy and sometimes confusing world, to live in peace, love and harmony, and become the perfection spirit intended for your life.
Energy Artist Julia
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Energy infused stones like this are a key to helping you reach it, so
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    Heaven and Earth Bracelet

    Posted by Esther on Mar 11th 2023

    Definitely a cherished treasure. I love this beautiful unique piece. The unique cubed quartz with red agate is perfect with any outfit. I wear it every day. Such a beautiful piece!