The Love Potion Bracelet - Bloodstone and red jasper to ignite your passion.

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These Stones Help You Feel The Passion Again!
The Love Potion Bracelet
Deep, root chakra bloodstone and red jasper with copper heightens your sensual powers. Energy blessed so the feelings of love can rise within.
Guaranteed To Help.*

This is one of the stones I wear to reconnect with my sensual nature. It makes for a great date! ~ Energy Artist Julia

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Dear Friends,
I had only planned to offer this fascinating and really stunning bloodstone and red jasper bracelet on my live show. 
What changed my mind was how quickly they sold and how many of you asked for more of it after I sold out. PLUS, I feel that what it does for you is so important to your quality of life that I know I had to get more. 
I have access to some really beautiful bloodstone, and will offer it as long as I can continue to get it.
What is so interesting about this bloodstone is that in India it is believed to be an aphrodisiac. They wear it and go so far as to grind it up into various love potion powders. 
And this isn’t just any bloodstone. You can feel its powers opening your root chakra, the base of your sensuality, especially when combined with red jasper. 
What’s more, I added copper to the design which acts as a conduit to channel energies to you in a pattern that really works.
The question is, does this design work just on your libido or on the libido of those you focus on? From what I”m hearing, from those who now wear it, it does both.
It Breaks Through Tiredness And Stress That Limits Romance
Women typically don’t feel amorous when they are tired or stressed out. And there is a lot of stress around us. While we want to be romantic, the fast pace and demands of our lives just kills the mood.
We want to feel passion. But we are just so tired. And we’re focused on too many problems.
Not so when you wear this stone and perform the included meditation.
With the help of it, a planned outing, and a little caffeine, you can have those romantic times again. It pulls you back to earth, to the root chakra, to the source of your deep-rooted and even animal powers.
You can feel its heat rising up through you, the wheels of mother nature turning, and you becoming a powerful, sensual human once again.
You Feel More Alive
This isn’t just about mating though. It is really about taking back, or getting back in touch with much of the source of your power and confidence through the reawakening of your root chakra. 
You remember that heart-throbbing feeling you felt when you were young? You can feel it again.
It Takes A Little Time Though
With the help of the bloodstone, red jasper and the included meditation, you can get back in touch with your powerful, sensual side. Spencer and I joke that it takes three tries, and the third is always the best. So give it a little time.
What is happening there, if you haven’t felt that way in a while is that you need time to focus on those feelings and get back in touch with them. You reconnect the neural synapse and things begin to work again as they should. 
Special Blessing
I’ve asked spirit to infuse your bracelet with the energies of love, passion and romance so your heart can flutter and your mind can go to that place of love once again. Just remember that while those feelings may have been locked away, spirit can easily revive them within.
I guarantee that if you wear this, focus on those romantic feelings, visualize them and follow the included meditations, you will begin to feel sensual, powerful and romantic once again. If it doesn’t work for you, return it within 30 days for a refund. 
Live Your Life And Love Your Life
Life is just too short to let the daily grind take away one of the most wonderful feelings you can experience. So go out, open root chakra, feel mother earth and your instinctual powers rise up through you, and live to the fullest, in every moment.
Energy Artist Julia
Don't Wait. Life is too short to live without love and passion.
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    Bloodstone bracelet

    Posted by Marcia on Oct 22nd 2022

    Very beautiful stones. I really love my bracelet. Was shipped in a timely manner. Love her jewelry