The "Peace Stone" Calm And Content Bracelet. Soothing lepidolite and phosphosiderite.

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This bracelet features lepidolite and phosphosiderite, a stone combination so soothing that some say it helps dispel obsession, worry, stress cravings and even addiction. 

Introducing: The Peace Stone "Calm And Content" Bracelet

I love these big, beautiful attention-grabbing stones that make me feel so calm and secure  ~ Energy Artist Julia

Learn how it works below.

You will not find this quality at this price anywhere. But we only have a few available so act now.

All items sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee!  Note: This was photographed in direct sunlight. The colors will not be as bright indoors.

Created in our "sacred space," new age studio in the spiritual center of Crestone, CO USA. 

Energy channeled by Julia to work with your energies using her famous blessing methods. 

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*Note: Although these stones have been used for these things (addiction, cravings, obsession, etc), they do not replace the need for professional help in dealing with them.  They should only be used in addition to qualified medical treatment.


Dear Friends,

I always knew that lepidolite, found in this bracelet, is good for bringing deep peace and healing calm to your life. 

In fact, when I wear it I seem to have no worries about anything.  I find it especially good for intrusive thoughts about traumas of the past that would otherwise disturb me. 

So I was not surprised to learn that some people use it to dispel obsessive thoughts and to even counter addiction.  What they say is that you are so content when you wear it that you just don't feel like you want or need anything else.

Now I’ve had quite a few in my circle who have struggled with addiction.  I know how difficult and complex it is.

So I in no way will say that this bracelet is a cure for addiction. That cure requires professional help. 

But many do say it helps.  And I find in my own life that it does help me go into a peaceful state where I feel secure and like I need nothing I don’t already have.

If I had an addiction, or obsessive worrying thoughts, or nervous feelings where I couldn’t relax, I would wear this lepidolite.  And certainly I wear it when I feel stressed or anxious. It calms me right down and I can then focus on more positive things.

How It Works

This lepidolite purifies you, clears the aura of bad energies, blocks negative influences and attachments.  It also brings a deep sense of healing peace that helps you overcome traumas and memories that are trapping your energies and keeping you from healing. 

I used a lot of it in this bracelet to ensure it would really help you. And I hand selected it to find only those stones with strong calming energies.

I also added phosphosiderite which is said to remove negative energies, dispel uneasiness, and improve mental clarity.

I then went to spirit and asked that this bracelet be continuously energized to help you find the calm and peace that would allow you to heal. 

Guaranteed Results

I guarantee that when you wear this and follow the included instructions, within two weeks you will find a much deeper sense of peace and contentment in your life.  If not, return it within 30 days for a refund.

Limited Quantities

This is a very unusual and beautiful wheel-- cut of lepidolite that puts out a great energy.  I only have seen it once and bought it for this bracelet.  

If you want this, I suggest you get it now as I may never find this cut again.

I am honored that I could bring you a piece that could help you this much.  


Energy Artist Julia

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