The “Secrets Of The Universe” Stonehenge Energy Monolith Bracelet. Energy channeled blue apatite knowledge stone and carnelian.

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“When I look deep into this bracelet’s center stone, I begin to know valuable, helpful, life-changing information there is no logical way I should know. “

 Introducing: The “Secrets Of The Universe” Monolith Bracelet

Energy channeled mini-monolith center stone with instructions for activating its powers.
Like the artifacts that inspired civilizations, this can help connect you with vast cosmic knowledge and allow you to pass down your life's lessons to your children.  
Wear it for a much easier life.
Features a blue apatite monolith center stone, carnelian and blue apatite beads.  Hurry, we have 20 or less available per size.

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Dear Friends,

I had a dream about your future when I looked upon this Stonehenge monolith inspired bracelet.  

In this dream, one of your descendants, maybe a daughter, granddaughter or even a great granddaughter finds this bracelet in a chest of your things, and begins to wonder about its apparent mysterious powers and its monolith design.

And as she uncovers the mystery of this artifact, she connects energetically to your life, your world, the things you loved, the lessons you learned, and the magic you held in your hand when you wore this. 

And at some point, she realizes you still watch over and guide her as she takes up the same journey you experienced.  And in that moment, her expanded consciousness is born.

So What Is This Great Magic Monolith?

In my mind’s eye, I saw the center apatite stone on this bracelet as a monolith, a powerful other-worldly artifact that awakens you to the vast cosmic connections of this universe.

It connects you to the knowledge of the akashic records, the vast expanse of the infinite, the hopes and dreams of all conscious life, the journeys and stories, lessons learned and loves shared within that space.

These artifacts have been visiting and inspiring humanity through the ages. Their appearance is thought to precede great advances in our civilization. That is why I placed the image of it in Stonehenge, to create a magical tie to its energies which were truly inspired by the beyond.

From a practical standpoint, when you wear this bracelet and follow the included activation and meditation instructions, you gain the ability to have insights and knowledge — of things that can help you and your family successfully make your way through this life.

Why I Used Apatite And Carnelian 

I didn’t really chose apatite.  It chose me for this. And it makes sense because it is the stone that opens you to higher consciousness, learning, knowledge and creativity.  It also enhances your psychic powers and expanded ability to communicate both verbally and through the unspoken word. 

Many wear this stone because it not only gives you the ability to obtain higher knowledge, but you can more easily communicate it to others on many levels.

The carnelian just seemed right in the bracelet.  It is a positive energy empowering stone that activates your intellect, creativity and life-force energies while super-charging the blue apatite.

Energy Enhanced Memory Stone

Your bracelet is energy channeled by my vision of the monolith center stone, which I believe also stores memories and life'-lessons to be transmitted to future generations.

I blessed and powered the stones using the same method I do to perform mass blessings which heal and transform others.

Limited Quantities - Only 20 Per Size Available

I have about 20 bracelets available per size. These stones were a one-time purchase, so I may not be able to get more.  If you want one, I suggest you get it now.

This is one of those things you will want to hold onto and pass down through your family as its powers are significant.


Energy Artist Julia


Sold with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 120 day exchange guarantee.*

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