3 Healing Paintings You Need to Protect and Heal Yourself

3 Healing Paintings You Need to Protect and Heal Yourself

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Oct 8th 2021

Life is a gift that all of us are lucky enough to have at all. However, as beautiful as life can be, there are moments and situations that are the polar opposite of enjoyable, pleasant, and enjoyable. Some people emit high vibrations, but others emit low vibrations. These low vibrations can take a toll on you, your happiness, and ultimately your life.

Everything in life is always constantly moving and vibrating. Nothing is ever 100% still. When two objects come together but are vibrating at different frequencies, they eventually will link up and vibrate at the same frequency.

This is why dealing with people who have low vibrations can affect those with high vibrations. Those with low vibrations are typically associated with negative feelings, such as stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and anger. In contrast, those with high vibrations are more loving, have perspective, and peace, among other more positive attributes and emotions.

Therefore, those with opposing vibrations can affect each other. This may be a great situation for those with low vibrations, but not so for those with high vibrations. Because vibrations sync over time, their high vibrations can be brought down. This is not an enjoyable circumstance, to say the least, as it can negatively affect you in a multitude of ways.

Unfortunately, it is no small feat to stay far enough away from these types of people, but you can effectively repel their energies and protect yourself at the same time. In doing so, you can then repair your energy by raising your vibrations so you are a far happier and more fulfilled person.

This can be accomplished by meditating, doing yoga, using crystals, and wearing healing jewelry. However, an underrated way of doing this is by using the unique powers of healing paintings.

There are a wide variety of these types of paintings available that perform numerous tasks for you, so let’s look at the three most popular healing paintings I offer at Energy Artist Julia and what they can do for you.

1.Dolphin Healing Energy Painting

One of the most important places to feel at peace and comfortable is your own home. Unfortunately, not enough people focus on the energy in their homes and oftentimes are negatively affected because of that.

You can combat that issue by hanging this stunning and purposeful painting of a dolphin family in your home or living space. Dolphins are naturally social creatures that often play and live alongside other dolphins. They even live and hunt together in groups.

This painting harnesses the dolphins’ energy and works to strengthen your own family’s ties and bring peace to your home. The swirls in this unique piece also resemble the spiritually energetic fields that are around us all the time.

This painting is not only easy to admire due to its beauty and colors, but it works to promote healing and joy as well while also elevating your consciousness.

2.Orca Healing Energy Painting

Orca whales are naturally social creatures and are highly dependent on their family members. They have extended families that usually include around 50 relatives. Orcas are also the only species in the world that both males and females stay alongside their mothers and the rest of their families all of their lives.

This close, unique, and significant family bond means that orcas have admirable communication skills in order to stay with their families effectively. By owning and using this particular painting, you will be able to harness the unique attributes of orcas and feel an improved family bond along with improved communication skills.

The two orcas in this painting along with the waves work to connect you with your own orca spirit. As mentioned above, you will have improved familial bonds and communication, but you will promote proper healing, cooperation, and even wordless communication. When you display it in your home and connect with your orca spirit, the advantages will manifest in your life in miraculous ways.

3.Inner Child Healing Energy Painting

Childhood is a beautiful time of growth, exploration, and freedom. It is a precious time that every child deserves to enjoy and every adult deserves to look back on with joy. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many adults. Their childhood could have been traumatically disturbed in a wide variety of unsettling and even disturbing ways.

Because their childhood was disrupted, their “inner child” as an adult can feel forever damaged and neglected. In order to best heal your inner child, you must no longer ignore it and find what can assist him or her in healing.

There are several ways to heal your inner child, but all take some time and patience. The first step is to acknowledge your inner child is traumatized and needs to be cared for. The other varying ways of healing him or her from there on out are through meditation, therapy, writing a letter to him or her, journal as your inner child, bring back the joys of childhood, and much more.

Another great way to assist in your inner child’s healing is by displaying and admiring this Inner Child Healing Energy Painting. It will help you in reconnecting with your childhood self. You will feel the joys of being a child along with the endless amounts of wonder and possibilities, which is one of the key ways of effectively bringing peace to your inner child.

This painting is of a child’s hand that is emitting stunning and vibrant colors, which looks as if the child is fingerpainting. This blessed and unique piece of art perfectly encapsulates the beauty of life, innocence, and curiosity. Your inner child and you will undoubtedly feel the effects of this both gorgeous and powerful piece.

These are just three of the most unique and intricately crafted healing paintings from Energy Artist Julia. Every piece is guaranteed to bring you the feelings and emotions you require from them. If you have any questions about these paintings or my blessed jewelry, feel free to contact me on my website so I can assist you in bringing peace and serenity to your life.