5 Most Popular Pieces of Healing Jewelry

5 Most Popular Pieces of Healing Jewelry

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 27th 2021

High vibrations are the key to gaining the most joy from life. They are what bring us closer to compassion, peace, and love, while low vibrations take us far from them. Doing inner work is one of the greatest ways to accomplish this, such as through meditation and shadow work. However, one of the least recognized ways of getting higher energies is by energy-channeled art and healing jewelry.

At Energy Artist Julia, I specialize in supplying all my higher vibration-reaching clients with such jewelry. All of my jewelry has been blessed by my intensive and exhaustive prayer, energy, and meditation. This process takes months to accomplish to bring you the most beautiful and life-altering, positive energy-drenched jewelry pieces.

I have positively impacted well over 300,000 spiritual followers and look to continue to assist many others now and in the future. But, which jewelry pieces in particular are the most high-vibrating and influential of all of my pieces? Let’s look at the top five healing jewelry pieces I offer.

1.Money Magnet Wealth Attractor Bracelet

We all worry about our finances and want to attract more funds into our lives, but that is always far easier said than done. With my money magnet bracelet, you are guaranteed to attract abundance into your life and increase your fortune. It is also perfect for those who meditate and focus on spiritual healing, as it also assists in building confidence. This is truly a piece of healing jewelry everyone should wear.

This bracelet includes stones that ancient Hindu scriptures claimed to transform anyone into kings and queens, even the poorest of beggars. It continues to do the same to this day. In this bracelet, you will find the finest stones, specifically 8mm Indian copper and agate.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that you will win the lottery, but you will have more opportunities come your way and the capability to act on them appropriately. If you are not satisfied with it, you have a 30-day window to return it for a refund (much like all of my jewelry!).

2.Rainbow Joy Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace

If you are looking for pure joy and to dissolve conflicts in your life, then this is the right necklace for you. When wearing this rainbow joy aura quartz crystal necklace, you will feel happy, even elated, and will be able to enjoy living in the moment. On top of this, any conflicts in your path will dissolve and you will end up feeling uplifted. This necklace is particularly impactful on those harsh and draining familial conflicts.

This necklace has titanium infused quartz with stones that gradually increase in size. Not only is it made of high quality stones and harnesses energies for lifting you above your familial stressors, it is also stylish and can be worn on nearly any occasion.

3.Pearl Angelic Healing Earrings

These fine earrings are made to help you with one main issue: protection. These pearl, sterling silver, and plated 925 silver heavenly earrings surround you in protection by attracting helpful angels when you need them most. They are perfect for protection, but also provide you with energy healing, advice, and comfort.

The pearls in these earrings come in two different color options, each with its own specific purpose. The white pearls focus on purification and cleanings, while the pink pearls focus on togetherness and love. No matter what the occasion is, wearing either will provide you with the guidance and protection you need.

4.Hamsa Earrings

Do you feel negative energies swirling around you? Then you need the hamsa five element earrings. They call upon all five elements of life (fire, earth, wind, air, and space) to surround you in protective energies, deterring any negativity from your space. No toxic person, negative thoughts, situations, or even evil intent can penetrate their energies.

The stones in these high quality earrings emulate the five elements: blue kyanite for water, yellow citrine for air, white moonstone for spirit, green peridot for earth, and red garnet for fire. Don’t allow those negative energies to control you anymore. Break free by protecting yourself, your soul, and your mental health with these hamsa earrings.

5.Ring of Purification

If you feel that your soul needs to be purified of any karmic energies, then wearing this ring of purification will make that happen for you. The Indian amethyst within this 925 silver ring channels the fabled powers of the River Ganges to purify your soul of bad karma while simultaneously opening your third eye to clearly see the path to a blessed life. Your soul will thank you for wearing this piece.

Choosing the right healing jewelry for your specific situation is key to getting the most out of your life. If you dig deep and ask your soul what it needs, you will clearly see which of the above pieces is necessary for it and you. If you are ever lost in your journey, please contact us by clicking “Leave A Message” at