A Look Inside My Spiritual Readings, Blessings And How I Bless My Art And Jewelry

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Dec 18th 2020

 Last night Spencer called to say that our friend's horse "Chief" was down and asked if I could help.

I went to spirit twice to ask that he/she come back with me and heal chief, but spirit said no, that it was Chief's time. Chief was very old for a horse ... almost 40.

So Spencer did what he does, which is to cast a white light matrix into Chief, and it worked for a while. Chief had been down for hours but got back up, was walking around and even started eating (he had colic) which really surprised our friend.

Our friend got to take Chief for one last walk.

But I pretty much knew it was only temporary. Sometime in the night, Chief, once a winning roping horse on the rodeo circuit, crossed over. He had a good life though, retiring from rodeo and as a reward for his service being taken care of and put to pasture for many years.

While I can do a lot for people and animals within the parameters of the life we contract to live when we come here, I am not able to change the will of spirit.


Something like this happened a few weeks ago when some people asked me to help find an individual who had been missing a couple of days. I went to spirit who told me he had already crossed over. It is hard to tell people things like this. They found him later that day, a suicide brought on by loneliness and isolation during the pandemic.
I feel I really gained these abilities by going to spirit and asking for blessings of my jewelry and art. I ask spirit to enter the pieces, fill them with energy within the intentions I state, and also create a link back to spirit so they are constantly recharged. People who wear it feel this.

After 15 years of doing that every day, and 20 more before that channeling paintings, I started to find I could directly help others through blessings. I get so many requests now that I put them all into one big blessing which I will do, sometimes for over 1,000 people. Spirit has unlimited energy so a blessing for 1 or 1,000 does the same thing for each individual.

I'm planning to do a big blessing on the 21st, and will be posting about how to receive that blessing in the next day or two. I also sent out an email with that information if you are on my list.

I apologize for this rambling post, but by pulling together these seeming disjunct events, I hope it gives you a greater understanding of what I really do and why you feel energy in the things I create.


Energy Artist Julia