A Short Guide To Attracting Love - How To Use Your Energies And The "Law Of Attraction" To Bring Love To You

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Feb 15th 2021

By Energy Artist Julia. Copyright 2021. (Click here to see all of my soulmate attracting energy art and jewelry.)

The Story

In the fall of 2001, after a 9 year search, I finally manifested the love of my life, Spencer, and we have been together ever since.It has been the most fantastic and interesting phase of my life where I finally bloomed as a person, artist and spiritualist.

Along the way I learned some pretty important things which had I known earlier, my search would have taken maybe a year, not nine.These things will help you in many ways besides just attracting love.Here they are.

Believe You Are worthy Of Love. For me, after I had been hurt so badly in a previous relationship, I thought maybe I didn’t deserve love.This was of course ridiculous, but still it was an underlying belief that came up and affected me in many ways.So I started saying the following as often as I could:

“I am open to receiving love and I deserve it.”

I found myself softening towards myself when I did this, realizing that my beliefs had been blocking love from reaching me. Only when the belief dissolved did I have the ability to receive love.I really had to work on this one but it did bring about a profound healing of many things in my life.

One of my images on my website which you can focus on for help is the Inner Child Healing painting. It is what I created to help others with this. Click here to see it.

Make yourself open to receiving love.Focus during meditation and especially when you are going through your day on removing all of the obstacles that may be keeping you from receiving love.This can be fears, baggage from old relationships, incorrect beliefs or even just that you are not putting yourself in a position to meet anyone.

Try focusing on my elephant paintings at my website if you need extra help.They are there to energetically remove your obstacles. Click here to see them.

Write your “list” in the present tense.This entails writing a list of all the things you want in life …write every detail including the companion you want and what you want your relationship to be like. But write your list in the present tense, as if you already have all those things.

Be sure when you do write your list to ask yourself again and again what is really most important.Rate their importance and put the most important things first. You may have to rewrite it a few times. And remember to not use the words “not” or “isn’t.”You are writing about how wonderful your life is right now if it was what you wanted it to be and nothing else.

Mine, coincidentally was very long.I still like to get it out and read it.

I didn’t do this until the last year of my search for a good mate.The universe was confused as a result and nobody I met was right. Then I wrote my list, began repeating it to myself every night before I went to bed, visualized both what my life would be like and especially how it would feel to be in this life I visualized. And it worked.

The interesting thing about this was that I could see my own personal growth by noting where I had crossed off, changed or added things to the list.It is important you make changes to your list as you learn.

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Heal Your Life. When you are trying to attract love, it is important to be as healthy as possible.This means eating right, meditating, sleeping, exercising, and getting out when you can.But it also involves learning about yourself, practicing gratitude, and focusing on what you love while removing those things that are not good for you.

This is not just about food or looks though.It is about removing yourself from unhealthy situations. Without getting into details, I’ll say thatI had a very unhealthy family situation and pattern I had to break in order to keep jealous individuals from chasing away any man I met.

Up until I changed my situation, I was exercising and meditating.I looked and felt great. But there was a huge and unnecessary stress on my life, a situation I had to remove myself from in order to be with Spencer.

And, my life became better in ways I had not even imagined.

To help you in the healing practice of gratitude, be sure to focus on my painting the ‘Tree of Gratitude” on my website. Click here to see it.

Believe - Ignore The Peaks And Valleys.This is a process.But it isn’t just a process of attracting love.It is a process of healing that which may be keeping you from love.There are going to be ups and downs as you grow.

Just remember to believe and remember that spirit has a divine plan for you which unfortunately isn’t always clear. Know that you are where you are supposed to be, right here and now, so you can learn something important to your spiritual transformation.

While things may not be right, they are as they should be for you to become the wonderful, beautiful spirit of light and understand that is at the end of your path.

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Good luck with this, and please let me know how your life progresses.


Energy Artist Julia

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