An Advanced Guide To Animal Communication  Using Your Mookaite Animal Communicator Bracelet.   A Guest Post By Laughing Raven

An Advanced Guide To Animal Communication Using Your Mookaite Animal Communicator Bracelet. A Guest Post By Laughing Raven

Posted by Laughing Raven on Jul 24th 2021

This guide teaches you advanced methods to communicating with animals, spirit animals, animal projection, animal healing and tapping into the universal flow of all life. Written as a guest post by a powerful shaman, those who have read it say things like it is "mind blowing," "fascinating" and "life changing."

Note: If you simply want to have better communication with the animals around you, all you have to do is follow the meditation card included with your bracelet.Below is an advanced shamanic guide to animal communication we hope you will also try.

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Forward By Energy Artist Julia

Laughing Raven was gracious enough to write this mind blowing guide for us.I’ve personally witnessed some of the things he discusses and heard about other things he did from witnesses.

There are people like this out there. There is great magic in our world.But most who practice it at this level stay silent and only teach these things to those very close to them.

I feel honored and blessed to be able to bring these teachings to you.Practice them and it will completely transform your life.

Energy Artist Julia


How It All Started - The Laughing Raven Story

When I was young, 11 years old, I was ice climbing on Mt. Ranier with my father when two ravens flew over.They always fly as mated pairs and always seemed to be showing up wherever I was. Actually they still follow me to this day.

I stood on a snow field below camp Muir and as I saw them in the distance coming across a glacier, with brilliant blue sky and white clouds behind them, I raised my hand instinctively and they veered off course towards me.

Suddenly, I felt myself out of my body and inside the ravens, looking down at me and my father moving up the snow field, ice axes in hand. I wasn’t in one, but both at the same time, as if the two of them were of one mind.

It only happened for a moment, but that moment changed everything for me, forever. I picked up a small rock on the snow, the first thing I saw when I came back, to commemorate the moment and give me something I could touch to bring me back to that memory.

I think the first time I projected like this, raven was giving me a gift, a beacon, a direction towards which I should move.

There was a lot to learn, but with practice I became better and better at it. I’ll share with you below how to develop this skill using a very specific meditation.

The Projection Meditation

One thing I’ve learned, is that before you project through any animal, you ask their permission. There is a pretty significant price you pay if you don’t receive permission as it is a gross violation to take over the body, mind and spirit of another living being.

It is easy though to get permission. You just say from the heart, “can I have permission to join with you” and you will receive a sign or feeling if it is ok. Sometimes I see the birds change direction and move towards me and I know it is ok.It doesn’t just work with birds, but they are who I normally contact aside from porcupine, cougar, dragon, tiger and horse.

In the projection method, once you receive permission, you visualize the details of how it feels to be one with the animal, inside him/her.For me I imagine how the wings feel, how the feathers feel, how the air feels against the wings and face, until I feel that I am the bird.

When you do it right, you open your eyes and you are actually seeing through the animal in a partnership of two beings.

But you also have to stay grounded lest you loose yourself, your animal flies, runs or swims off, and you are lost.I’ve heard stories of shamans going to great effort to get someone back who has become lost.Some never make it back.

Of course, certain stones, especially mookaite can help with this, But still, to be safe you have to learn the grounding method I’m about to teach you.

Taking A Step Back So You Stay Grounded

For me, I have to practice this meditation all the time to keep my skills up and make the projections possible.The more you practice it, the easier it is to join with animals. Here is how that works.

Pick an inanimate object like a cup. Then imagine you are within that object (projection) and feel all parts of it. Then switch your focus back to yourself.Then keep going back and forth between the two. Switch your focus between the two faster and faster still.

Practice this with any object you fancy.

At some point you will come to the feeling and realization that you and the cup are one … that you are no different.Instead of being the cup, or you, you are both at the same time, and you feel a connection to all the cup is, but at the same time you are still you and have some control over where you go.

This practice is absolutely necessary to project and stay safely grounded. It is also exactly how you project through an animal.

This meditation also protects you in a different way. By retaining your sense of you, while you recognize the feelings and experiences of the animal, you retain your own identity, so you do not feel the pain of the animal or experience his/her mishaps.

It is very important to stay separate, and retain your personal identity, even with your own pets.

Getting Started- And How To Identify Injuries In Your Pets

Assuming you have gained permission to enter an animal, and you’ve become good at the projection method, you can begin to project to animals.

You are going to find it much easier if you wear your mookaite bracelet for this because it totally grounds you and has the ability to draw the animal’s internal spirit and energies to you. I should say that Energy Artist Julia’s bracelet is energy channeled specifically for this, making it a talisman for projection, which is different than simply purchasing a piece of mookaite.

You can do this without the mookaite bracelet.It is just much easier when you have it.

It is much easier to start with your own pets. I started at 12 years old with my family cat, who was really my familiar.

I would project out and feel every bit how it felt to be her down to the details of her claws, feet,, stomach eyes … everything. I can’t tell you why I did it.It was something I did kind of naturally.It was part of a path of spiritual growth I didn’t fully understand a the time but felt compelled to pursue.

When she would go outside, I could still see what she was seeing, even though she had separated from me quite a bit.

One day, as I projected into her (Chloe), I felt pain in her hip. She turned, hissed and stalked off.I called my mother and said that something was definitely wrong with our cat.I knew my mom wouldn’t understand, so I told my mom I had touched her hip and she flinched in pain and hissed.

X-rays revealed she had a fractured hip.

From that day forward, I used this method to help discover what was wrong with my pets so I could better work with veterinarians.They are always surprised how intuitive I am with animals.

This is a very practical application of animal communication you can use to bring healing to your household and pets.

The Communication Goes Two Ways

So let’s say you have started to project into one or more of your pets, or even animals in the area you live.But this is mostly done on a personal level between you and that animal, versus the animal spirit that represents all of their kind.

What is critical here though is that you retain some distance, like you are watching and observing but you are not actually that animal, lest you lose yourself. If you start to take on the mannerisms of the animal you join with, to the point where you are not acting human, you need to go back and work on strengthening your ties to yourself and earth, and definitely wear your mookaite bracelet.

But as you build a personal bond with familiar animals, sometimes they talk back.

One night in high school, I was sleeping at a girlfriend’s house because both her parents and my parents were out of town. It is funny to think about because neither of us had any clue about what we were trying to do.

I had fallen asleep in the early morning, when suddenly I felt Chloe yowling loudly and saw her stuck outside in a frightening thunder storm.The message was so loud and clear that I jumped up and said“Chloe needs help.”Iran outside, drove home fast and found her cowering under our picnic table, drenched and shaken.

I got her inside, dried her off and she went to sleep after I gave her a treat.

You will find they communicate with you in this way, especially when there is trouble.

Go To The Zoo

You can do this projection with animals in your area. But what is really fun is to put your mookaite on and go to the zoo or aquarium, where there are many kinds of animals you can practice this with.I don’t say practice ON because really, you are practicing communication with the animals’ permission.And in many ways they are getting something out of it too.

I’ve projected and joined with just about every kind of animal possible.I really love them all.They all are wonderful souls with feelings, thoughts and even dreams.

What you will find with zoo animals is that they will often act differently for you than other people.I always had people say “they seem to really like you” as animals moved closer or changed their routines when I was around.

One baboon wouldn’t leave me alone and became upset when I left.I think for the first time he truly communicated with a human.

Energy Healing Of Animals

One thing I try to do, when I am feeling around inside an animal, is to send healing energies to whatever I discover ails them after first asking if they are willing to receive healing. For me, I sense a tension in their energy flow, in a certain space, and with their permission send energies to it. Sometimes I get the impression of a black spot in their body or energy field.

Sometimes the tension is close to the surface and I can massage that specific point to release that tension.Massage therapists do this pretty much every day, often instinctively without realizing it.

Other times, I just do a complete scan and try to balance everything within the animal, focusing on each part of the body, then moving on.

Some animal healers do this evaluation through touch. I do it by rubbing my hands then running them just over the surface without touching, while feeling healing energies flow into the trouble spots.

Recently I came home from a trip to find that the koi in my aquarium had all died except for one, Angel.Angel lay on her side, breathing her last gasps and appeared to be blind from a fungal infection.I learned from the person watching her that she had been laying there for two days.

I projected out to her, discovered where the problems were, and began flooding her entire body with healing energy.

She immediately got up off the bottom of the aquarium and began swimming, although blindly. But each time I stopped she sank.So I called Julia (Energy Artist Julia) and asked her to help, which she did.

Together, we were able to get Angel back up and swimming about. Within a day she was eating, and months later she is now the boss of the aquarium.

She regained full use of one eye while the other is still black but I am starting to see a pupil. I’m still working on healing her other eye.I also feel that somehow it awakened her to higher energies and powers. She is something like super fish now and reacts when I enter the room.

What projection does, if you practice energy healing, is make it far easier to direct healing energy to the source of the problem. The results can be amazing if not miraculous.

I should say that it also works on people.I’ve done it often when asked.I even did it on myself once when my thumb had been cut off and surgically reattached after a cutting accident. I regained full use of my thumb without any nerve damage.

Discovering More - Spirit Animal Impressions

After you join with enough animals, you will begin to sense something different.They begin leaving an impression on you that you find isn’t specific to that animal, on a personal level, but all animals of that kind.

You will begin to recognize a certain energy, and feeling, like a photograph or impression, that represents that animal kind.Cat will feel different that dog. Horse will feel different that eagle. And so on.

At that point, you are touching the universal spirit of that animal, like its higher power, that has many attributes beyond the physical.And you will begin to recognize each animal.It is important though, when you take a spiritual “impression” of them like this, that you try to keep your personal biases and history out of it.

For example, I discovered that one of my spirit animals was porcupine. At first, my preconception was that porcupine was prickly and slow.But with time, I gained great joy and understanding towards this animal and animal spirit. I absolutely love them now and talk to porcupine daily.

Small animals have just as much power and insight as big, physically dominant ones. Everyone wants to talk to the lion, but the rabbit may actually have more to say that will help you.

A good way to explain the spirit animal side of animals communication is what I’ve learned happens in Native American sweat lodges.Sometimes they call on an animal spirit for guidance or for other purposes.But what enters the sweat lodge is not one of those individual animals. It is the pure essence of all of those animals. In a way you have touched that species’ higher power that has specific traits and abilities.

For example, while raven is a trickster and jokester, raven spirt can also be called upon to provide great insight (sometimes given to humans in riddles) into perplexing spiritual happenings that the shaman is having trouble understanding.Raven is kind of a dual personality spirit, which incidentally carries down to this animal on a personal level.

But raven can also help you greatly.

I happen to have raven characteristics naturally, and have had so many interactions with real ravens, that it is pretty obvious that raven is one of my spirit animals. No major event has happened in my life where I didn’t first see raven.

Joining With Spirit Animals

So at some point, you will discover an affinity with a specific spirit animal from the impressions you take when joining with their physical form.

You will feel the impulse to join with that animal often. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is therapeutic and enlightening.It is really what you were meant to do.

There will almost always be more than one animal type that is your spirit animal, and they can change over time. Sometimes you only join with them for a short period of time for a specific purpose then it will end. But they are all your spirit animals.

And with them come great gifts.Each spirit animal brings to you certain abilities you can use in everyday life.This goes beyond simple heightened senses to performing big magic, journeying, learning the secrets of the universe.

Projecting Into All Of Nature - Immersing Yourself - The “Everything Mediation”

So far I’ve covered projecting into specific animals or even spirit animals and communicating with them.

Once you have learned to do this, the next step is to project out and join with all life, all nature, all animals. And you do it all at once. I call it the Everything Meditation.

This is really big medicine, and more difficult than a simple projection. But it has huge rewards.

What I do is project and become part of each and every living thing I sense, hear, smell and taste — identifying and joining them one at a time, into an entire group.This includes animals, insects, trees, plants, water, air, rock, fish … everything.

One realization you will experience doing this is that everything has an energy and is conscious. Everything is alive. Even rocks.

I focus on my breathing and see each thing joining into a great flow that passes through me, then flows out, only to pick up more things before circling back and flowing through me again and again in a great circle.

Any sound that creates irritation in me is also released into the flow and becomes part of me and it.This part is great for gaining inner calm and reducing irritability.

If you do this meditation, you will enter a fully awake and aware state, while staying grounded in earth.I usually do it while sitting on earth.

The feeling is pretty incredible.You are completely tuned into everything, and every nuance around you.You are connected to all the animals at once and really all living beings. It is almost as if you are drunk on heightened senses and a feeling of being part of everything around you.

I used to watch my cat do something like this. She would sit in a bush, fully aware of everything around her, then cock her ear one way or another with each change in rhythm and sound around her. It was like the was completely high on her senses.

Advanced World Peace Practice:An even higher level of this meditation is to let into the flow all the negative things you see in the world around you, and watch the flow balance and turn these bad things into something positive and harmonious as they become part of it.

It is said that nobody in the vicinity of Buddha could do a bad thing or even have a negative thought.I believe he was doing something like this.

How It Saved Me

My first experience in joining with everything started when I was around 13 years old. One evening I was chased by older bullies, who were really criminals, and wanted to do me serious harm.It wasn’t like I did anything to them. They just spotted me alone, and decided to hurt me.

I ran, but was too small to outrun them.I came around a corner by some houses and realized there was nowhere to hide.

So I sat down behind the only bush around, a leafless dead thing that was half my size, and began imagining I was the bush, and was part of the earth which I touched with my hand. I even took my shoes off to wiggle my toes into the earth. I contorted my other arm and torso into the shape of the one inch, dead branches of the bush.

They came running around, and passed within a few feet of me several times, without seeing me despite me being almost entirely in the open and looking right at them.It was like I left absolutely no impression on their minds.They saw nothing as I had become absorbed into everything, and eventually left.

I can still hear my heart beats, seeming to flow with the sound of cicadas, as I appeared to disappear into thin air.And that summer the bush somehow came back to life and had to be trimmed often due to its huge growth.

About Aboriginal Hunting

Native peoples use these methods to hunt for food.I’ve seen their cave paintings, where they would engage in various hunting ceremonies, become one with the spirit of the animal they sought, ask for its blessing and even enact the hunt by throwing spears or shooting arrows into the paintings.

What this tells me is that we all have these abilities, to project and communicate with the animal world, It is there for you to rediscover.

I also have visited an Indian shrine in New Mexico, consisting of two stones carved into the likeness of mountain lions.On the lions, around their eyes, is a red dye that the natives rub into their eyes and then onto the lion as part of a ceremony before a hunt, to gain the sight and abilities of the lions.

Now you might ask “how can you join with animals and also hunt them?” That is a very good question.

What I can tell you, is that those really close to nature in this way project out to the animal and respectfully asks that it give itself so the hunter may live.When done in this way, from a pure heart, the animal will actually give itself up to the hunter.I’ve seen in happen. It is completely surreal and strangely harmonious.

Time Warps

One side effect of the everything meditation is what I call time warps, where you seem to react and move faster than people can actually think. It is like you can move faster than time flows.

One time, after years of practicing the everything mediation, I stood with some friends in a mall and recognized an older woman was falling down the escalator. Somehow I reacted, ran to the bottom of the escalator, pushed the stop button, then ran 3/4 of the way up it and actually caught her as she fell.

My friends told me that they looked up and suddenly it was like I had appeared out of nowhere up on the escalator and was catching her.

I wish I could see video of this, because all I remember was everything slowed down but me.

Strangely, I’ve noticed that my son also has this ability.He is known for having lightning fast reactions. I don’t know how I transferred it to him. My daughter has it too, in that she is completely calm and cool despite some really intense situations she faces in her job where she is actually saving people’s lives.

While I taught them the everything mediation at a young age, they haven’t practiced it in 20 years.But still, they have the ability.I think teaching it to someone quite young has a very long lasting effect.

My explanation for this phenomenon is that by becoming part of the flow, and controlling what goes into it, you also, in times of danger develop the ability to operate outside the flow.

Or, another explanation is that you harness the powers of everything in the flow which is greater than any one thing happening in your world.

Either way, it gives you some control over your world.

Why I’m Sharing This

As I’ve gotten older, I have realized that these abilities can help a lot of people, and that people who truly know how to do these things are not sharing them like I feel they should.

I’ve heard all the arguments about not doing this .. that it could be misused or people might get into trouble if they don’t ground themselves. But overall, I feel that this magic could make a huge difference in our world, and I’m actually really looking forward to hearing about how people have used this.

While it starts with animal communication, the benefits grow into something you couldn’t even imagine.

Time To Practice

There’s a lot to digest here. This is kind of my big medicine magic. But I don’t mind sharing it.I feel it can benefit you and others immensely. I’m hopeful that it will.

Now instead of thinking too much about it, just get out there, put on your mookaite bracelet and begin practicing the projection meditation.It is something that will work right away at some level, and with practice it only gets better.


Laughing Raven


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