Become Immune To Negativity And Drama - How to use spiritual energies to bring you peace, healing and growth.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Oct 26th 2023

Become Immune To Negativity And Drama - How to use spiritual energies to bring you peace, healing and growth.

Dear Friends,

I grew up in a dramatic family.Many of us have. And unfortunately it can have many negative health and spiritual effects on you.

Below I’ll tell you how I’ve found, through spirituality and gemstones, a way to effectively eliminate drama’s negative effects from my life. This works far better than simply eliminating triggers.

Understanding The Dramatic Family

What I mean by a “dramatic family” is that someone was always offended, angry, upset, uncomfortable, sad or otherwise in some sort of negative emotional state.To “help them” we had endless, circular discussions in person while we were together, and over the phone when we were apart.

These things caused continuous fighting, consoling, apologizing, accusations and on and on. It is something that is actually common in families these days.

The conversations were repetitive, never produced a solution, and as an adult I realized that their purpose was not to heal but rather that these people got a “high” from the controversy.

Really, they lived for the heightened emotions and the flush of fight or flight chemicals that release during times of high emotion.They were addicted to the drama that produced these chemicals. Over time, it warped them into highly volatile people.

In speaking with many of my fans, I’ve come to realize that everyone has that one dramatic, often irrational and continually upset family member who tries to get everyone going, creating drama at whatever event they attend.Some, like me, have many people close to them who are like this.

You also are inundated with drama from outside sources like social media posts or the news.Negativity, a trigger is all around you.

The effects of living in that drama, for the person spreading it and for their victims are in themselves pretty dramatic.

They lead to stress related health issues and mental illness.Spiritually they sap all your energies, remove joy from your life and make it difficult if not impossible grow and transform.

Getting Away From It And Removing Triggers Doesn’t Work Forever

When I was young I had no resistance to it.I couldn’t see past it because that is all I had ever known.I thought that was just how people lived and in a strange way, I was comfortable in that environment.

My husband at the time, seeing this, convinced me to take my fashion modeling career and move out of the country so I could escape them.

I traveled the world for the next 8 years. There were no international cell phones at the time, so my only interaction with them was through letters.

With new perspective, and a release from the drama, over the many years I was overseas I healed.

But as soon as I returned to the US, slowly, in little ways at first, they drew me back into their drama.

Triggers Come Back For Everyone

I remember reading about how psychologically, people who become hermits and withdraw from society may really be withdrawing from things and people that trigger their negative emotions.

At first they feel free from it all, experience a state of euphoria, and for a time heal in this newfound state of harmony.But eventually, they find new triggers.They end up in the same situation, because they haven’t really learned how to deal with the effects of negativity upon them.

A case in point was how the mountain men of the US West would spend long periods alone trapping, and would likewise talk about the healing powers of nature. But many, at some point would become prone to violence.

To this day, people, especially with PTSD, will sometimes barricade themselves in properties, even booby-trapping them, and confront hapless intruders, in attempts to eliminate their triggers.

The Drama Cost Me Dearly

When I met Spencer 10 years after returning to the US, I’d been sucked back into the drama.

In fact, two family members were living in my home, engaged in endless upset discussions, eating my food, paying nothing towards house expenses, driving my cars, continuously manipulating me to give them money from my building business, and angrily confronting anyone who tried to correct their behaviors.

It didn’t take long for Spencer to say to me “These people are parasites.They are sucking the life out of you and are going to take you to 0 if you don’t change something.How are you going to survive without your business?”

Spencer tried.He gave each of them one way tickets to places they thought they might want to visit and where they would want to live.”

They never did come back, but the damage was already done. The economy had gone bad and I had been drained of all the money I would have used to survive the downturn.

I had to declare bankruptcy, and ended up losing my business and not only my house, but Spencer’s as he had been propping up my projects by taking money out of his house.

But it wasn’t all bad. Having no place to live Spencer and I started our new age art and jewelry business, living out of a van for 8 years as we traveled to art shows.

We were actually free from the drama and happy, although those people did call all the time with various fabricated crisis, asking for money and cars and I would answer ‘but I’m homeless.”

The attempts to draw me in didn’t stop until one got dementia and the other died of complications related to previous drug use.The lesson here is that avoidance doesn’t really work.People and things will never stop finding creative ways to draw you back in.

Eliminating Triggers Doesn’t Work Long Term - You have to raise your spiritual vibration.

I had dealt with being pulled into life-sucking drama by removing myself from the situation that would trigger it in me.But the neural synapse for that had been laid long ago, and I would find new ways to be triggered.

What I learned about it all is that you can’t ignore the things that trigger you, whether they are people, situations, social media posts or even the news that is designed specifically to trigger you.

I mean it is best to avoid those things, but you can’t avoid all of them, and sometimes you actually do have to deal with upsetting situations.

It became apparent that you have to raise your spiritual vibration so you can rise above the triggers, avoid raising negative emotions and avoid becoming caught up and even addicted to the heightened state chemicals your body releases.

Four Things That Raise Your Spiritual Vibration To Overcome Negativity and Drama

So here are the four things I learned work to raise your vibration and make it so you are unaffected by those things that would pull you into drama and negative energies.They work much better than simply trying to ignore the negativity of others.

Crystals/Gemstones - certain stones (click here to see them) raise your vibration and connect you to celestial power where you feel almost like you are above and looking at things from a perspective of knowledge, enlightenment and empathy.

This is significant in a spiritual evolutionary sense because we are instinctually programmed to react to heightened emotions of others, When we lived in small groups, one person’s sudden awareness of a hidden danger within nature could trigger an alert state from others and they could react without seeing the source of the danger.

It is almost like negative emotions became contagious for the purpose of survival. And we still have that programming.

What these stones do is allow you to still look at the situation, but you are not affected by the negative energies.The stones allow you to approach situations with reason versus emotion which for course is even better for survival.

Meditation - With gemstone jewelry pieces I provide meditations and mantras that help you activate and empower the stones to raise your spiritual vibration.I get daily emails from people who say these really work, and the stones work far better when you use the meditations.

I also suggest you practice regular meditation.Mindfulness meditation works well in helping you identify thought processes that are leading you to lower, emotional vibrations.But any meditation is helpful. Psychological counseling is also effective.

Exercise - My experience with exercise, especially when I feel myself getting upset, is that it seems to flush negativity or negative emotional chemicals from my body.I become relaxed and more able to deal with drama.I feel raised above the things that were previously bothering me. A doctor could tell you the exact mechanisms for this.

Any exercise works. But I’ve read that after 45 minutes of moderate exercise you release endorphins which really help elevate your mood and focus.

Sleep - Sleep is my reset when I’ve become upset by drama or negativity, as it is for many people.For me it works a lot like exercise.

Now if you are having problems sleeping due to troubling thoughts, what you can do is look up and tell spirit you are giving him/her your problems for now, so you can sleep.When you awake, you may find that many of the things that were bothering you are resolved.

I even sleep with certain gemstones on, but avoid the activating ones like citrine are carnelian.I always seem to sleep well when I wear amethyst.


I realize that this guide has taken many turns.So I thought I’d redefine certain things to make it less confusing.

Drama is any sort of input that triggers negative emotions or unwanted fight or flight chemicals in your body.This can be dramatic family members, news, social media posts, interactions with others or things that just happen that are upsetting.

Drama has very negative consequences for us physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Eliminating triggers doesn’t work for me because you can’t eliminate all of them and eventually you develop new ones.

Raising my spiritual vibration, so I am unaffected emotionally by drama and triggers, is how I’ve learned to live in this world in peace and harmony.

The four things that I’ve found help raise my vibration are crystals/gemstones, crystal and mindfulness meditation, good exercise and good sleep.

I’ve also found that if you work these things into your everyday schedule, they are all easy to do, and you become happier, more at peace and you can evolve spiritually.

I hope you will find your way past drama.


Energy Artist Julia