Finding Spiritual Protection With a Hamsa Pendant

Finding Spiritual Protection With a Hamsa Pendant

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Aug 31st 2021

Whether it’s to generate good luck and fortune, or to protect from malicious energies, the symbol of the hamsa hand has been around for quite a while and has a long association with providing spiritual benefits.

Hamsa pendants feature powerful spiritual symbolism and are said to carry energies of protection and fortune. By wearing such jewelry, you can potentially ward away negative influences and help push your life on a better trajectory, one full of positivity and blessings.

In this guide, we will cover some of the more important points regarding this ancient spiritual symbol, as well as some of the benefits of energy jewelry in general. If you have felt somewhat out of sorts as of late and believe you could be under attack from negative forces or are simply in a spiritual slump, the following information should certainly help you right the ship!

Do Hamsa Pendant’s Work?

What you’re likely wondering from the start is whether or not these spiritual symbols work. What is it about the hamsa hand that helps give it such mystical, otherworldly power?

Down through the ages, various objects and symbols get imbued with spiritual force. Whether through association with a spiritual figure, positive imagery that helps us connect to deeper parts of ourselves, or innate positive energies that seemingly work to deter negativity, these objects and symbols have stayed with us and are still used in religious rituals and spiritual traditions all over the world.

The hamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima, as well as the hand of God, is an ubiquitous spiritual symbol found throughout the Middle East and in many other parts of the world as well. Featuring an open right hand with a watchful eye in the palm, this mysterious and awe-inspiring symbol seems to have a natural positive energy to it that has long had associations with the divine.

Traditionally, hamsa necklaces and pendants were used to protect the wearer from the effects of the evil eye, as well as other forms of spiritual attack. The question of whether or not such symbols work can be left up to the evidence of history and faith. When you look around the world and see how many individuals still wear the hamsa and how popular it still is in terms of a good luck charm and basic form of spiritual protection, it seems to speak for itself.

This symbol of an eye in a palm provides a deep feeling of protection and comfort for those who need a spiritual grounding. This symbol appears in some way or another in numerous religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. Gold hamsa jewelry remains one of the most sought after kinds of jewelry worn for spiritual protection. Amulets and pendants are quite popular as well.

The Esoteric Meaning Behind The Hamsa Symbol

The universal nature of the hamsa hand is a testament to how powerful it is as a form of spiritual protection. The meaning behind the symbol infers many things, including that divine forces are watching out for your well-being. This sentiment alone is often enough to make people feel comforted in times of need. It can be a great feeling of relief to know that positive spiritual forces are in your corner and sometimes this is all we need to get out of a metaphysical down-trend or low ebb in our lives.

While the core meaning behind the hamsa remains much the same all over the world, there are other meanings behind it as well that it has accumulated over the years. For instance, the beneficial energies that the hamsa is said to carry and impart are often interpreted as luck. Hamsa pendants are often used as powerful luck charms that can put you in a better frame of mind in order to be more receptive to opportunities and blessings that arrive in your life.

Finding Spiritual Protection With Energy Jewelry

The evil eye and similar forms of psychic and spiritual attack are another issue that you may encounter, and which could be causing you to feel down or experience misfortune inexplicably. In such cases, you may need a reliable form of spiritual protection that is capable of blocking these energies and turning them around.

Specifically, it is thought that hamsa pendants are the ideal piece of energy jewelry for dealing with the evil eye. When negative intent is sent your way, whether it’s unconscious or intentional, you need a basic level of protection. These jewelry pieces can be used to deter these malicious forces in order to help you maintain a clear and balanced aura, along with a positive mindset.

Here in our store, you will find carefully designed Hamsa pendants that are infused with chakra balanced energy. This helps to ensure that these pieces of energy jewelry not only offer the spiritual protection you’re looking for, but they will also help you find balance in your life as well.

For 5000 years, the hamsa hand has been used in various forms to provide comfort, luck, and shielding from negative forces. Although we may not always understand the origin of certain spiritual malignancies or negative forces, it's important to know what to do if you feel as though you are dealing with such influences in your life.

If you have felt off balance for no reason, as if a dark pall has covered your life with no apparent explanation, it could be due to the influence of negative forces or a lack of positive spiritual protection. The protection jewelry you will find here in our store is personally blessed by me and channeled with clear and potent energy that will help lift you up and set your life in the right direction. I encourage you to take a look through our selection of energy jewelry pieces in order to see if any resonate with you.