Guide To Awakening Your Dragon And Using Dragon Power

Guide To Awakening Your Dragon And Using Dragon Power

Posted by Laughing Raven on Oct 18th 2023

The Shaman's Guide To Riding Your Dragon 

By Laughing Raven 

I always knew I had a dragon living inside me. 

What I didn't know was that it could manifest externally. 

When I was younger I was a little afraid of it, because when I went into "beast mode" I was unstoppable but somewhat uncontrollable. 

It served me well in sports, especially contact sports and during those times I was physically threatened. Some of the things I could do when in danger defied modern physics. 

At 13, I once jumped completely over another person to get away from a situation. People kept talking about how I completely jumped over someone.  Most didn't believe it.

That was the stuff of dreams. And most people would count that as a great blessing. But what I learned, and I hope you learn, is that awakening and unleashing your inner dragon requires that you exert control, in the form of self control lest you damage your world. 

In short, the stages in which you can safely awaken your dragon coincide directly to your spiritual development. As you grow, your ability to awaken and use dragon power also grows. 

So here are the steps I took and you can too. I only ask that you use this power you will receive for good. 

I also wish I had received Julia's dragon awakening jewelry and art, and these instructions before I did this, because I did it on my own, without the benefit of knowledge or stones that regulate this immense power and make it usable to you. 

Step 1: Find Your Dragon 

Your dragon lies within. But also lies outside of you. 

The way this works is that you slowly awaken the dragon outside, realize that you are one, then join with him/her. 

The dragon outside has for you, at your disposal all the power of the natural world, the flow of tides, the wind, the fire, the stone, the sky, lightning, rain - all the elements that make up everything. 

So what you do is wear your bracelet, stand somewhere high with a little wind blowing through your hair, close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel your heart -- envision your beating spirit heart. 

Then allow your heart to reach out across the land, sea and sky, and feel that same beating heart somewhere out in the land, near or far, it doesn't matter. Describe the place as best you can, to the point that you eventually know where it is. 

That kindred heart you feel, you will notice is connected to all the natural elements, and feels familiar, like it is you, but a wiser and more ancient you, the you that has always existed but you only now realize has always watched and waited for you. 

There lays your dragon, probably asleep and waiting for you, but also subconsciously aware of your new awareness of him/her. 

Mine lay beneath a river for millennia. I could feel his heart, and when I meditated, I noticed that our hearts beat the same. 

You will connect to your dragon the same way in the future although you don't have to stand on a hill. Rather you will just feel your heart and the dragon's heart. 

Avoiding The "Me" Dilemma 

I'm putting this in now, as kind of an afterthought, because when I scanned what I wrote I realized there is a trap you need to avoid. 

It is really important you don't read your own wants, needs, experiences and ego into your dragon. You have to approach him/her with no preconceptions or you will taint the magic. 

I once met a lady who said she had awakened her dragon and had even done a cartoonish drawing of it. It was kind of like the Cheshire cat, smiled and said silly riddle like things, and had a quirky personality. 

That lady had a lot of cats. And I realized that she had imposed the personalities of her cats onto her dragon which is really an elemental being that can encompass all things. 

"I think its your cat" I said. She didn't like that. 

At first I didn't think she had even created a dragon connection at all. But then I realized what she had done was create a desired personality for the dragon that was trapping it and limiting its abilities. 

I think the dragon was enraged by being so boxed in and as a result things weren't going well in her life. I think her dragon broke free, as she soon left the area and nobody heard from her ever after. 

Step 2: Connect To Your Dragon In Dream World 

So you know where your dragon is and feel your hearts beating in unison. The thing you don't want to do here is just yell "wake up" because you aren't ready and the bond has to be forged.

What I did was each night feel the dragon's heart, then my heart, and begin to meld them together. And as I did so, I began to dream the dragon's dreams. 

And eventually, I realized the utter power of dragons, because they can draw on all the elemental and primal powers of nature and earth. If they fly the winds, they become the wind, control the wind. If they swim the oceans, they become the waves and the tides, and direct them as they may. If they bask in the sun, they become the sun, which can be warm or scorch the earth. 

What you get from dragon dreams is knowledge of course, but far more than that. It is more than understanding or a intellectual belief in the power. It is a deep, resolute knowing, without doubt, that you can do just about anything with these abilities -- almost like you can manifest into reality anything you imagine. That is a lot of power. 

So you see, waking something like that requires you exert control, become a benevolent director of the power, and that you mature both intellectually and spiritually to a level where you can handle this power. 

Because to use this power for anything but good, to let jealousies, personal baggage, judgement, condemnation, unreasoned plans, will surely result in your own destruction and the destruction of things you hold dear. You have to hold yourself above all of that. 

Step 3: Embrace The Small Awakenings 

When you dream the dragon's dreams, you learn those things you need to awaken to use dragon power. 

But it isn't all just learning. Things will already begin to manifest through you in small ways to benefit you. 

The first thing you will notice is that you gain something of a high from the natural elements. You will love the wind in your hair, the rain in your face, the snow, the sun, the earth. You may have loved it before but now it becomes exhilarating. You want more and more of it. You want to throw yourself into life and experience the natural wonders. 

And as you practice, you will begin to gain knowledge you didn't have before. 

For me, the first thing I noticed is that I became very astute at reading people due to the dragon's high intelligence, insight and wisdom. I always liked to think I had a strong "bullshit meter" but now it was so much more. People could no longer hide things from me. I just knew their intentions. 

I also realized that stones, especially beautiful stones now talked to me. I always knew they had power, and were lucky, but now I could see right into gemstones and touch their magic, which was fascinating, mesmerizing and something like a love story. 

I developed a deep bond with and understanding of stones. Their magic began to work for me in ways it never could before. That's why I think in the old stories dragons slept on beds of gemstones and and protected their hoard. The stones were like their children, and also surrounded them in magic. They maintained their health and power. 

The third thing I noticed was that I could now choose to leave an impression in our world or not. It isn't like I was going invisible, but for all intents and purposes I was doing just that. I could simply leave no mental trace of me and it is like while people saw me, I just didn't register. 

This I think is the dragon's ability to hide in plain sight. 

There were many other things, magical benefits bestowed. These are simply three of many strange and wonderful things I thought I'd use as examples. And these are the ones that happened for me. You and your dragon may have a completely different set of abilities. 

There really was no guide for me when I did this. I just kind of went with what made sense to me intinctually and seemed to work. And I did it, moving along this path for 6 years. 

Step 4: Try The Big But Short Awakenings 

I've moved along this path for 6 years, slowly joining with and awakening my dragon. But I now realize that the journey is the joy. Each step you take is a great discovery and a self awakening, as you slowly gain more control of yourself, your world and the elements around you. 

It is something you don't want to rush. Rushing it would be like making a child grow up faster, or a puppy become a adult dog instantly. You would miss all the good stuff along the way. 

I've gotten to the point where I'm doing short full awakenings, and I have installed a mental "off" switch if it gets too intense. You do this by finding something mental or physical you can touch.  For me, I just touch the earth like Buddha did so long ago.

One night I awakened my dragon, who lifted from the river bed and we rode moonlit clouds and I fell completely in love with the night. But when the dragon wanted to ride to the stars, I pulled back. It felt to me like I may never be able to come back. 

Maybe someday I will ride the dragon to the stars, to other worlds, but for now I plan to stay in this world and complete my mission here. 

Another time we flew over green fields until I realized we were passing through both space and time. There were castles below me. It was like I suddenly slipped into it, and it was so easy. 

I thought "I can even go see the dinosaurs." But I realized I had not yet learned to control this. So once again I turned back. 

Just today I turned dragon on, or released him and saw the future as it could be, if I wanted that future. In this case, I realized that maybe I wanted the future too much, and that my ego is tied up in what I would accomplish. I realized that my motivations for wanting that were not pure, for the betterment of all beings. 

And dragon gave me the gift to rise above what was really feelings of inadequacy that made me want that future in the first place. Dragon wasn't showing me a future so much as pointing out a trap. I mean it was a future I could have, but also I was given the wisdom to see the folly in it.

Step 5: Fully Awaken Your Dragon 

So this gets us to my development so far. Will I ever fully awaken my dragon 24/7? I don't know really. 

Today it feels like I need to bond more fully with the dragon without losing myself, or going down a bad path, and without dragon losing himself. I will have to think about more, give it some more time and thought. I may even do a shamanic journey over it, or I might just do the heart connection to dragon and ask him directly.  

What I think will probably happen is that I will do a shamanic journey, which when followed correctly provides a level of safety, and then find dragon through the heart connection on the other side, and ask my question. 

If it doesn't work, or if I can never fully awaken my dragon, that's ok because the gifts I receive all along the way are more than enough to last a lifetime. They are almost endless.

I realize this guide is not complete in that I have not learned and experienced step 5 fully. 

But I have made it this far complete, and intact where I believe others have tried to move too fast and harmed themselves or in the worst cases unleashed very bad things on the world. Our history is full of people who have unleashed their raw dragon on us.

If I ever do get through step 5, and if I am permitted, I will tell you how it is safely done. 

But for now, may you find your dragon and grow together. 

Be well. 

Laughing Raven