Here's what spirit said to tell you from my Dec 21 2020 winter solstice blessing & reading. What to do for 2021

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Dec 22nd 2020

Dear Friends,

I have finished the winter solstice blessing for anyone who asked, and I received many messages from spirit which I am to share with you below.

If you didn't ask to be included in the blessing, these answers are still quite valuable, so please feel free to read and share them.

Many of you asked for things specifically for you and/or those you love, especially for healing, comfort, support, peace and hope … and I saw spirit’s energy reach out to fulfill requests for your best and highest good.

Keep in mind that spirit gives you what you need first, which isn’t always exactly what you thought you wanted. But spirit’s wisdom eventually becomes apparent.

I also asked for some guidance for those who are feeling isolated and anxious due to a lack of human contact.

Spirit says during this time, you have a chance to focus on strengthening your connection to the spiritual side of things, to increase your internal power, to channel the energies of good, and find a way to immerse yourself in the rich and creative world of boundless energy and insight that is spirit.

You have a rare chance now to become spiritually stronger than you ever have been which will serve you well for the rest of your life. You will become much more than you would have if things didn’t happen as they have.

Spirit also says it is important to be your own parent, to comfort yourself and even give yourself a hug. It is important that you monitor your internal dialog and talk to yourself like you might a child you are trying to raise, guide and especially encourage. Be your own parent, and encourage yourself.

Spirit also says that your guides and angels are close, and at this time all you have to do is ask and they will help. You will feel their presence and will even receive signs that they are there to comfort and help you through this time. With the appearance of the Christmas star, the veil is thin and they are closer to you than they ever have been.

The best way to do this, to connect to them is to look at the night sky, and just ask for help. You can do it every night if you like.

I also kept getting flashes of you using FaceTime and Zoom. What I understand from this is that while phone calls are OK, we need to reach out visually so we feel closer and less isolated.

In light of this, Spencer and I are setting up zoom get-togethers and game nights with our friends who we have not seen since the pandemic, and are extending it further to interact with people we know in other cities who we in the past only saw when we traveled.

I suggest you do the same.

Finally, I asked when things are going to get back to normal. When will our lives become more stable and when will we truly be able to interact with one another again?

The answer I got was that things will start getting better gradually from here on, and that it will be much better by fall. It may seem like a long way off. There will be some ups and downs but generally, we will get back to what we had, and then some because we have discovered new ways to work and interact. It won’t be exactly the same. It will be better.

Many have asked how I do these blessings and spontaneous healings.

The energies from this come partly from me, but mostly what I do is create a direct link to spirit, who has infinite energies which I then channel through me to you.

This is the same thing I do with my art and jewelry. I ask spirit to fill my creations with energy, but also ask that spirit constantly replenish them through the channeled link I create so it will always help you when you need it. The results have been quite astounding.

Others have asked how I gained these abilities.

I gained the ability to do these blessings through the past 17 years of specifically channeling healing energies into my work, from 20 years before that where I painted and gathered inspiration through a link to spirit, and from an ability to talk to my guides I have had since childhood when they helped me come to this world and were with me in many other lifetimes.

I look forward to hearing your stories once again about healing from this blessing and the things you learned. This is the largest one I have done so far, with thousands of requests coming from all over the world.

May this gift I have bless you and all those you love all the days of your life.


Energy Artist Julia


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