How Healing Jewelry Can Improve Your Life

How Healing Jewelry Can Improve Your Life

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Oct 19th 2021

When life seems to be kicking you while you’re down, it can feel all-encompassing and debilitating. You can feel alone and helpless - but that is farthest from the truth. There are numerous steps that you can take to pick yourself up and dust yourself off so you can finally return to the “you” you know and love.

If you are feeling this way or similarly, there are plenty of ways you can turn this around and start flourishing in your life, which you deserve so much to do. You can take a number of steps to improve your life, such as practicing meditation, doing yoga, exercising daily, eating healthy, and so much more.

Another excellent option is to use the unique healing powers of gemstones, crystals, and other such stones. That is what brings us to healing jewelry.

What is Healing Jewelry?

We all know just how perfectly some pieces of jewelry accessorize our outfits and style. However, normal jewelry pieces don’t typically offer much else than just a fashion statement. They don’t particularly assist you in your daily life.

However, this is not the case with healing jewelry. This particular type of jewelry brings you improved health, boosts vitality, and attracts positive energy. They are created with specific awareness and meticulous attention to every detail to accomplish these desired effects and others.

Every metal, stone, and crystal is consciously selected and every piece is designed with these materials and desired effects in mind. When put together with the utmost care and attention, the end result is a stunning piece of jewelry that can not only perfectly complement any outfit, but also bring you spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wellness.

This type of jewelry typically has gemstones, both precious and semiprecious, and crystals. Let’s take a look at the most popular healing crystals found in this type of jewelry so you can find the perfect piece for you.

Most Popular Healing Crystals

Gemstones are commonly used in jewelry for healing, as they have unequaled physical attributes and healing properties. While there are countless options for these crystals, here are just the top five most popular gemstones and their common purposes.


This is one of the most popular healing crystals-- and there’s no real surprise why that is. It is known for being exceptionally powerful and well-rounded in its applications. This reddish-purple crystal flourishes as a wisdom-expanding object and works effectively to heal all four “bodies”: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is another powerful crystal, both clear and rose. Clear quartz is well-renowned for its “rebooting” qualities. With the help of this clear crystal, you can amplify and balance your body-- even your immune system! It’s a multi-purpose crystal that can assist you in refreshing your energies and illuminating any darkness.

Rose Quartz

While clear quartz is more of a multifunctional crystal, rose quartz has a specialty: love. It works diligently to strengthen bonds and relationship connections, whether they be platonic, familial, or romantic. It also can assist in growing your trust in others as well. It is a great friend during dark times as well, as it can comfort and strengthen those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.


Are you feeling a lack of self-love? Or are you low on your patience and overall energy? Selenite can be your “rock” during this time, as it is excellent for rejuvenating both your spiritual and physical energies. It accomplishes this by purifying your aura and cleansing any uninvited negative and dark energies.

India (or Indian) Agate

If you are feeling a lack of focus and concentration recently, then you should consider using India (or Indian) Agate to your advantage. This crystal can vastly improve both your physical and emotional strength, which can then, in turn, increase your concentration. As an added advantage, it can also provide you with security and protection.


You may be wondering, once you do have a crystal in mind that is right for you, where can you place them? There is the classic option of simply having your crystal and placing it on your nightstand, allowing it to work diligently while you rest peacefully.

You could also place your crystal in your pocket or handbag while you go about your daily life. When you keep these crystals close to you, that is when they work their best.

That is why healing jewelry that includes these crystals is normally the best option in terms of placement and efficacy. When you wear this type of jewelry, you are having constant physical contact with these healing crystals and other healing materials, ultimately reaping the most benefits from these protective and powerful gems.

In terms of which piece of jewelry specifically is best, that is entirely up to you. You can opt for a dangly necklace, an elastic bracelet, or glimmering earrings. Any choice you make here is up to you-- just be sure to wear it as often as you can!

Another possibility is to even layer these jewelry pieces. When having several necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or all of the above in action together on your person, you will feel, see, and experience even stronger and desirable effects.

Jewelry Inspiration for Healing

If you are struggling to now figure out which healing jewelry could speak to you most and bring you what you require in your life, here are just some stunning inspirational pieces for you to consider.

The Truth Seer’s Bracelet (Amethyst)

The Truth Seer’s Bracelet is made of the all-powerful amethyst, bringing you truth amongst any falsehoods in your life, amongst all the other incredible effects of amethyst.

The Money Magnet Bracelet

Are you facing a slew of financial woes? The Money Magnet Bracelet can assist in attracting financial and other abundance into your life, especially with the addition of India agate.

Forever Summer Joy and Abundance Charm Necklaces

Looking to layer healing necklaces? Then you should consider the Forever Summer Joy and Abundance Charm Necklaces. They hold within them several healing crystals, especially clear quartz.

When looking for healing jewelry and healing art, be sure to browse our offerings in order to find the perfect piece for you and your life. You deserve the utmost happiness, protection, and love, friends.