How The Ancient Kokopelli Energy Image Brings You Abundance, Life-Force, Joy And Even Fertility

How The Ancient Kokopelli Energy Image Brings You Abundance, Life-Force, Joy And Even Fertility

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Sep 26th 2018

Kokopelli "Life Spark" Energy Painting By Julia Watkins

Kokopelli Brings You Many Forms Of Abundance And A Passion For Truly Living

In Native American lore, Kokopelli, the pictured flute player I channeled and painted, was believed to be a traveler from the stars, whose spirit would bring you great abundance.

Especially when you are down, he showers you with blessings in terms of fertile lands (wealth), rain for the crops (support and luck), seeds for planting (new beginnings and transformation) and a spiritual life-force perpetuating great joy and passion for living in the moment.

Kokopelli could also bring fertility in terms of pregnancy … in humans and in the flocks or herds of animals the people tended (renewed life). Kokopelli jewelry is a favorite gift of the mother-in-law.

The appearance of Kokopelli is considered to be an immense blessing on all facets of your life.

While some present him as a fertility deity, his powers go far beyond simple pregnancy to encompass an abundance of all things good in your life.

And now, Kokopelli has appeared for you! Here’s why.

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Why Kokopelli Chose You

Weeks ago, I received a message from spirit to channel and paint the great spark of life from Kokopelli and show it to you -- so you could revive or enhance something you sense is missing in your heart. There is a lot of negativity around us all which is dampening the spirit, the zest for life. And now, after seeing Kokopelli you will realize how much these negative things have also affected you.

I believe Kokopelli has appeared and is now before you so you can find that missing spark …. a wonder and ecstasy from experiencing life in the now,

Obviously you are important in the cosmic plan and this was placed in your path to help you better live your life.

How To Connect With Kokopelli

So stare into this divinely inspired image. Feel its energies move out and unfold around you. Hear from somewhere far off at first, but getting ever closer, Kokopelli’s joyous flute … and dance in your heart.

Let your spirit soar in this moment, changing the way you feel and see your world. Move beyond fear and all other negative impulses to the pure reality of joy and abundance. See life for what it really is, not the negative illusion but a gift of creation and wonder.

And if you have the pendant or print, hold it up under the stars and let your spirit dance. These are energy channeled items, hand made in Colorado in a sacred space and have much more powerful energies than something printed in a factory which you will see in gift shops.

NOTE:  In modern times, Kokopelli Kachina and the ancient flute player have been used interchangeably, while actually they are separate entities.  The flute player, which is what I painted brings fertility and abundance while the kachina (male and female)  are actually there to teach the people how not to to behave.