How to Be Your Own Money Magnet

How to Be Your Own Money Magnet

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Oct 12th 2021

Life is simultaneously a beautiful yet tumultuous experience for us all. We can find the beauty in it, but also the ugly and painful parts of it as well. One such “ugly” component of life is financial stability. Being able to comfortably afford both your needs and wants is desired by every person on the planet.

Unfortunately, however, we don’t all receive the financial means we feel we deserve or simply require. When that happens, we can really struggle to make ends meet or enjoy the aspects of life we normally find joy in because we are too fixated on our monetary means.

When this happens, you can inadvertently surround yourself with negative and dark energies and ultimately attract more similar energy. You could even push money away from you even more so, furthering your financial debts and woes. However, as there are ways to push money away, there are ways of attracting it, too.

You can be your very own money magnet in several ways. Let’s look at the various steps you can take to attract more money into your life.

1.Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? If you have, you know just how powerful this tool is in shaping your life to be exactly what you want it to be. If you haven’t, you will soon learn this for yourself.

The Law of Attraction is based on the simple principle that, if you want something, you should envision yourself already having it or living that life with it. Chant a measurable goal you have in your head and even out loud as much as possible (“I will earn $70,000 in the year 2022,” for example).

Then, take that goal/visualization a step further by channeling your senses. Close your eyes and envision how you would feel with that goal being reached. What would your exact reaction be? Would your heart leap? And then feel as if you already have it-- and 100% believe you have it.

The main takeaway of the Law of Attraction is, if you see and feel what you want and make strides towards accomplishing it without any doubts, you will get it. It’s as easy as that! Therefore, the Law of Attraction can be applied to anything: a job promotion, finding the love of your life, becoming fluent in a language, and yes-- even attracting your desired amount of money!

2.Wear Blessed Jewelry for Attracting Money

There is another option for attracting money into your life and that is by wearing the appropriate jewelry. There are several healing crystals available for you to wear, which can vastly improve your life in numerous ways. Specifically, there are crystals and gems for attracting money and wealth as well.

Some examples of crystals that attract money are pyrite, citrine, and Indian agate. Our “Money Magnet Wealth Attractor” bracelet in particular is ideal for assisting you in attracting more financial success. It harnesses the natural money-attracting properties of Indian agate but is also personally blessed by me to invite even more money into your life.

3.Give with Meaning and Selflessness

If you want to bring more money into your life, a great way of doing so is by first bringing money or other signs of generosity to others who need it. Try donating money to a charitable cause or by volunteering at a soup kitchen or other such organization.

However, that doesn’t mean do either of these begrudgingly or with expectations of something in return. You should involve yourself in these activities with hopes to bring happiness and needs to others without any selfish agenda.

Donating your time and money are great and kind things to do for humanity, not things you should do to solely reap the benefits for yourself. You should give with meaning and emotion without the need for selfish gain.

Karma will then take it upon itself to reward you in the long run, financial gain being one of the potential wins for you.

4.Consciously Stop Worrying About It

Another great way of attracting money, but really anything, that you want is by not worrying about it constantly. Distracting yourself and your mind with hobbies and other activities can be a great way of relaxing and focusing on the good in life.

You should make a conscious effort to not worry and harp on your lack of funds. Then, when you least expect it, you will get the money that you so desperately want and/or need.

When you are looking to attract anything in your life, you can successfully do so when you take the right actions. That is why you can be a true money magnet by taking the four steps described above! You can receive anything you want in life, even heaps of money, if you make the right strides!