​Live In Health And Happiness Without Changing Anything But Your Mind.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Dec 18th 2021

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Forget the phrase “If only…” 

Dear Friends,

Today spirit reminded me of a time in my life where I structured my days around the words “if only …”

“If only I had this thing, my life would be better.” “

If only I could do that, my life would be better.”

“If only they would do this, my life would be better.”

I used to call the times when I descended into this line of thinking, that I needed certain things to be happy and free of negativity,“having the wants.”

But at some point I realized I was chasing my tail.I was making my happiness contingent upon things that were largely beyond my control.I see this every day in our society.

So What Does This All Mean For You?

It means that you can chase your tail all the days of your life, trying to alleviate negative emotions and suffering by focusing on external sources.

Or, you can choose to not let those negative emotions take hold of your mind.With practice it gets pretty easy.You will find that the things driving your actions aren’t such a big deal.It starts with practicing mindfulness.

You Can Still Be Successful Without Negativity Driving You

One of the biggest reasons people don’t let go of negativity is that they feel it is driving them to get things done.It fires their desire to move forward.Fear is their biggest motivator of all.

My husband Spencer, for much of his life, due to his past, was driven by the fear of being financially destitute.The last thing he said before fully letting go of that fear was “but that’s what makes me work so hard.”

He took a few days off, but soon realized that not only did he want to work, but he gained great satisfaction from doing it.His drive became a love of life, of receiving back for a good days work, and of helping others which we do a lot of in our business.

You will be just as motivated without fear, as you are with it, if you desire to stay motivated.

You Don’t Have To Fix The World

Spencer also came to the realization that he didn’t need to fix the world’s problems.Doing things like reposting onto facebook negative news he read wasn’t helping him or others.

The best thing he could do for the world was to be good and considerate to others, and that energy would spread through our society.

He tested this out in traffic.He said that for a year he would let every driver in who was trying to merge, or turn while driving.He would stop for anyone trying to cross the street.

It didn’t take but a few months and others also started doing it. It became a much nicer place to live and the tension people were feeling while commuting was greatly alleviated.

Small gestures, especially random acts of kindness make huge ripples in our society and change the fabric our culture.That is how you make positive lasting change.

Choose To Be Happy - You Deserve It

Some people won’t let go of the negative thinking trap, and when I really discuss it with them, their programming tells them that they actually don’t deserve to be happy.

One of the best affirmations you can say is “I am worthy of happiness.”

Believing you are chosen to receive good in this life, that that is the natural order of things and as spirit intended, is the first step toward getting the life you want.And, it is true.

These Changes Are Healthy

There is a definite link between positive mental thoughts and health.Stress and negativity related illness are not only one of the biggest killers, but they sap us of enjoyment of life.Plus, they block our path to spiritual transformation and ascension. AND, they spread to other people.

In fact, a few years ago we published links to studies that showed people who are filled with negativity were 300% more likely to be infected with certain viruses.

Why Not Try? Take Baby Steps.

I believe you owe it to yourself, and those you love to make the conscious choice to become mindful of your emotions, and choose not to let negativity control your life, your actions, your health and your future.

You don’t have to fix it all at once.If you can just arrest one negative thought a day, you will begin to see a huge difference over time.Start small, and let it grow.

You will be happy you did.


Energy Artist Julia