Message From Spirit - Try assuming everyone has good intentions and you will find greater happiness.

Message From Spirit - Try assuming everyone has good intentions and you will find greater happiness.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 10th 2022

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Spirit Asked Me To Give You This Message About How You Can Become Much Happier When You Change Your Assumptions Learn how to become far happier below.

Dear Friends, 

Today spirit asked me to give this message to you and others. Here it is: 

"Today, try assuming that everyone’s intentions are good. "

I then realized that I too have sometimes fallen into the trap of negative assumptions. In trying to understand some people and the world, I have found myself guessing why they were motivated to act in a certain way. 

There is a common negative trap many of us can fall into where we assume the intentions and motivations of others are selfish or bad. It can make you very unhappy thinking about these things. But there are easy ways to avoid it which I'll discuss below.

The Vast Majority Of People Are Good, Despite What You May Have Read 

Actually, most people are good. They want to be good. They want to do good things. They want to live in love and light. They have families and children, dreams and aspirations. 

Statistically, 98% of people are empathetic, kind and genuinely focused on the betterment of the world. But you wouldn’t think so if you watched the news. 

We are bombarded with media and social media where we are led to believe most people have ill intentions, especially people we don’t know. 

It can lead to anger, and angry confrontations we see on the television where people are enraged to the point that they even engage in physical violence .... simply because people with other points of view have been dehumanized and made out to be their enemies. 

"But really, we all want love, understanding, comfort and joy. We are all the cherished children of God. When you understand this, when you live it in your heart, nobody is your enemy."

When You Assume They Are Good, Which The Majority Are, There Is No Need To "Call Them Out" 

I’ve seen it so often where people post things on my page with the words “this is just” or “you are just” followed by some accusation of malevolent intention that doesn’t really exist. 

What spirit told me is that people are becoming so focused on “calling them out” on social media, that no matter how well-intentioned someone's actions are, they can face mob-like criticism and retribution. 

Today, the majority of conflicts on social media start with incorrect assumptions about the true intentions of others. 

This only really serves to further divide. It causes people to "dig in" versus changing their minds when they face online criticism.

What Really Makes Sense Is To Let Positivity Rule 

The world these days is confusing and uncertain. In our effort to make sense of it all, it is so easy to let negativity into our thinking. And negativity is the source of so much ill in the world. It can really hurt you and others. It creates an enormously unhealthy environment. 

So for today, I’m going to do something about it and I hope you will too. Whatever I read, whomever I meet, I am going to automatically assume their intentions are pure and good. 

I’ve already tried it and what I found was that just allowing this pattern of thought to enter my mind increases the good vibrations around me. 

The checker at the grocery store was friendly. 

The man who took my shopping cart from me was pleasant. Everyone was so nice because I felt nice. 

And therein lies the miracle of positive thinking. It makes the world a much better place. It heals spiritually, emotionally and according to many medical texts, physically. 

I hope you will join me in letting all the good into your world. 


Energy Artist Julia