New Moon Blessing - What spirit told me to tell you about combating loneliness and isolation. Click to learn more.

New Moon Blessing - What spirit told me to tell you about combating loneliness and isolation. Click to learn more.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Mar 17th 2021

Dear Friends,

On Saturday, March 13 I did a blessing for who asked, requesting that spirit give you positive healing energies, insights and tools to deal with the loneliness and isolation we are experiencing.

When I journeyed to the other side, spirit said, once again that it is a time to focus internally and develop your inner spiritual energies through thought and emotional discipline.

While there are highly volatile people out there who have lost their way, you cannot let their emotional eruptions and disruptive energies affect you on your path, facing your own challenges and growing personally from those challenges. There is a huge opportunity for you to grow in ways that wouldn’t have been possible before.

Spirit also said that you are not alone. You are now surrounded in divine light, and your guides are near.

One of the things you need to focus specifically on during this time is getting to know yourself. Let your mind and spirit be free from outside criticism and especially from self criticism. Treat your inner being like your own child, Nourish it and watch it grow. Forgive the past and focus on the now.

One tendency of people who are under stress or are just feeling unhappy is to look to external sources as the cause.

While those things do exist, you have the choice on whether you want to let them in and let them affect your inner harmony.

Now if you do let something external affect your inner mood, instead of pointing to that thing, look inside and ask yourself why you have let this affect you.

What are you getting out of letting these things upset you? The answers you get can be very telling.

That is the question you must ask and the way you will grow into the centered, self-sufficient spiritual being who is far greater than you could have hoped for.

When you are feeling upset by something, you can also ask spirit for help strengthening your ability to hold yourself emotionally and spiritually above all of it.

And right now, with the new moon, spirit will give you energies to raise your vibration and not be caught up in all of that negativity.

I hope these messages from spirit will help you get through all of this. I’m doing all I can to help you with these blessings, insights and of course energy art and jewelry that makes following this path to transformation possible.

If you missed out on this blessing, be sure to watch for them in the future and ask to be included. I am only doing about one a month now which is about all I can handle due to the huge drain on my energies when I journey.


Energy Artist Julia

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