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Positive Thinking Is More Important To The Universe Than You reaize

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on

What you think has more way effect than you think.

Did you know that because the universe and also alternative universes are infinite, it is a mathematical probability that anything you can think or conceive actually is occurring somewhere else?

And, just thinking those things may cause them to happen in an alternative universe or maybe even in ours? Remember, the laws of physics are often different in alternate universes.

Right now, in an alternate universe, you are reading this except you have a large beautiful parrot sitting on your shoulder and you are wearing a stunning purple hat.

Spencer and I play a game where her says everything in the alternate universe is exactly the same except I do something crazy, like I'm jumping on the table and doing a Scottish clog dance, or I am playing a ukulele and singing to a cat, or I'm able to fly and I just got a bug in my mouth.

It just shows how important it is that we keep positive thoughts and love in our heart. Positive thinking is important to the universe.