Some Interesting Facts About Energy Artist Julia

Jun 3rd 2023

Energy Artist Julia is the name used by spiritual artist Julia Kluesner who was formerly known as Julia Watkins.

Energy Artist Julia married her husband, entrepreneur and former CEO of both DataMerge, Inc and CyberLoan, Inc Spencer Kluesner on July 15, 2021 after an 18 year engagement and changed her name from Julia Watkins to Julia Kluesner.

Energy Artist Julia attend art school at 16 years old at the NC State School Of Design where she studied architecture and art.  But her painting abilities were so advanced that she was placed in graduate level painting classes.  She left art school her junior year to travel the world as an international model where she modeled for such big names as Yves St. Laurent and Channel.

She also studied art at the NYC Art Student's League where she became a professional artist and eventually opened her own NY studio called Dogtail Fine Art.

She also earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas, graduating Summa Cum Laude despite her having dyslexia.  She then worked for Texas Instruments on the artificial intelligence program for the F-16 fighter jet.  She later worked for Scholastic programming children's software.

She left software, and moved to Colorado where she began building custom artistic spec homes in the Vail Area, acting both as designer and general contractor.  Her homes set sales records for price paid per square foot.

In 2003 Energy Artist Julia had a vision or waking dream that showed her the world of spiritual energy underlying all things and began her career painting energy art and designing energy enhanced jewelry.  She found that her designs and creations helped bring spiritual enlightenment, spiritual transformation, peace of mind and spiritual healing to individuals.

She spent 8 years living mostly homeless out of a van with Spencer Kluesner, traveling from art show to art show showing her energy art and jewelry to as many people as possible to spread good energy, thoughts and feelings to the world.  During that time, as many as 24 million people viewed her energy art, and many were spiritually affected by its power. The people who saw and were influenced with positive thoughts through her art and jewelry most likely had an affect on the feelings of peace, harmony and love in  communities in the US.

In 2011 Julia moved to Eagle, Colorado where she opened her art and jewelry studio with the help of patrons within the Possick spiritual family - Charles Possick, Karen Possick and Josh Possick. They then stopped doing art shows, except for one at the Longview Museum, and began spreading her art and jewelry as well as positive messages and spiritual teachings, to the masses through social media and her 300,000 followers.

Around 2017, Energy Artist Julia learned that the same methods she used to infuse her art and jewelry with positive energies could also be used for spiritual energy healing.  She began to offer free mass blessings and energy healings to anyone who asked, usually at the time of the new moon.  As many as 3,000 people are known to ask for and receive these blessings.  Some who received the blessings reported spontaneous healings while many others reported feeling positive and energized.  As a result, some began calling Energy Artist Julia the "great mother" or "mother of all."

She has always maintained, from a very young age, that she can remember the world before she was born and that she came to earth as a conscious decision, to help lead as many people as possible to enlightenment.  Considering this, and her ability to preform mass healings, and the positive effects her energy art and jewelry has on individuals, some have surmised that she is actually a Bodhisattva.

Of interest is that when Energy Artist Julia and her husband Spencer Kluesner met, they discovered they shared the exact same dreams of a world where they had built and lost a great enlightened society, called a Nirvana on earth.  They state that their mission on this world is to complete the work they failed to do in their previous life.  They continue to this day to spread joy, enlightenment, understanding, love and peace to the world through Energy Artist Julia's spiritual teachings, spiritual energy infused art and spiritual energy infused jewelry.