Spirit Hides Angels Among The Homeless - Kindness will get you their blessing.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 5th 2022

Dear Friends,

I have more than a belief that spirit hides angels among the homeless who will rain blessings down upon you if you treat them kindly.

What I mean by “more than a belief” is that on our travels, we have actually had them reveal themselves to us.The strange thing about it is often spirit seems to come through them, give the message then leave.

One man once blurted out to us when we were really stressed about our sales“Life doesn’t have to be so hard.Just relax and trust everything will turn out OK.”Then the next day that person had no recollection of saying that.

I think what spirit wants for us is to resist the forces that seek to dehumanize these unfortunate individuals, to make them seem less than human because they cannot possibly keep themselves clean while stuck on the street, or worse yet to blame them for their own predicament as a way of absolving any feeling of responsibility for helping them.

Last week Spencer was in the capital area of Sacramento again, and did what I call “ministering to the homeless” although it doesn’t involve any sort of preaching.He would walk the streets and simply listen to their stories, give them what money he had, and generally treat them as the valued human beings and children of God they are, just like all of us.

He refused to ignore them as so many do, because failing to acknowledge them as fellow human beings is the first step toward dehumanization. After all, spirit loves us all the same. We are all his children.He says you can see the life go out of them when people refuses to even acknowledge that they are there.

His daughter who lives in the area was worried about possible violence, but he said “God walks with me. I’ll die when it is my time, and not any sooner.”

He also says something he learned from a real minister who helped us years ago out of a tough spot — “they wouldn’t ask for it, if they didn’t need it.”

This has been going on for some time with Spencer. Sometimes I would think he went too far, like the time we were broke but he gave a shoeless homeless man his new shoes (a gift from his children) and walked back to our van to put back on his old shoes which still had some wear.

But then, as it always does, something good would happen and I would realize that Spencer is right, that kindness is returned to you tenfold.Right after Spencer gave away his shoes, we had a great art show in Houston, with a lot of sales, and Spencer could for a time afford many, many more pairs of shoes than he had given away.

I think the lesson is that if you show kindness, understanding and especially respect to all of God’s creatures, you will be rewarded in so many ways you cannot even imagine.

I also think that there is another message here though and that is to resist any attempts to make others who are different than or have different beliefs than you,seem less worthy or deserving. I’m seeing this a lot in our society now, especially in divisive politics which tries to paint opponents as evil and in need of being rooted out.

While it is not in our nature to do bad things, good people can be lead to do even shocking things to others when they are convinced the groups they think they oppose are less worthy, less blessed and less human.

As new-age practitioners, it is our sacred duty to look beyond words, and ideologies, past negativity and hate … to see the true good nature every person possesses,and to nurture that goodness in every way we can.

The best way I know to start is to look at each person you meet, and despite anything they are saying or doing, remind yourself that they were all once innocent children, loved by their mothers and fathers, who had hopes, dreams and aspirations just like you.

I hope you will join me in this. Because in the end, we are all one.


Energy Artist Julia

Note:  Please always make sure you are careful and safe when approaching any individuals you don't know.