​The Money Flow Meditation - Attracts wealth and helps you hold onto it.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jan 20th 2022

Dear Friends,

Recently a customer contacted us because although she was attracting a lot of wealth with our abundance jewelry, she was losing it just as fast.It was a thing that had been happening to her all of her life.

Many people have this problem.

Now aside from looking at expenses and figuring out ways to cut back, which sometimes requires tough decisions, there is an energetic way to hold onto wealth.

The “Money Flows To Me” Affirmation

Years ago our friend Charles taught us to say this, and to envision it happening.It worked but we were still spending as much as we made.

But if you only envision it coming to you, that is damming up the free flow of abundance and wealth, and you become stopped up and energetically stagnant.

Money eventually stops flowing to you and slowly seeps away as you fight to hold onto it.

Saving Some Of The Money Flow For You

Then,I heard from spirit that what I needed to do was envision myself as part of the great flow of energy and abundance, getting and giving, but having some of it enter something like a spiritual eddy where it a bit of it accumulated for us.

The trick I found is that if your intention is to use that excess from the flow to symbolically water your crops, to allow you to thrive so you do a lot of good and help others, it doesn’t become a backwater or a stoppage.

Eventually you feel more and more of it coming to you as you disperse it to spread good in the world.You are richer and you hold onto more of the wealth.

If you remember the story of scrooge, only when he allowed the money to flow could he receive true abundance, health, and joy in his life.

Discover Your Divine Purpose And Receive Abundance

One of the things you will need to do is discover your divine purpose and path in life. Once you begin envisioning the excess flow going towards that, towards keeping you on the path and achieving your mission in life abundance will flow like never before.

The lesson here is that unlimited abundance is there for you when you walk in the light of spirit and do good work.Just figure out your path, envision it and it will be there for you.


Energy Artist Julia

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