Turn Your Fortune Around With the Help of a Buddha Ring

Turn Your Fortune Around With the Help of a Buddha Ring

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Aug 16th 2021

There’s nothing new about generating fortune through the use of certain good luck charms and metaphysical talismans. However, if you are experiencing a particularly daunting run of bad luck and you feel as though nothing is working out for you, it may be worth seeking the harmonizing energies of the Buddha.

An expertly crafted Buddha ring could prove useful in your daily affairs if you are seeking solace and reprieve from bad fortune, or even if you simply feel out of sorts and uprooted.

Energy jewelry such as rings and bracelets fitted with certain gemstones have historically been used in matters of luck and prosperity, while images of the Buddha have long been associated with harmony and abundance. Let’s take a closer look at how these spiritual forces can come together and potentially help you overcome a run of bad luck through a shift in perception

What Exactly is Bad Luck?

To understand how a ring or other piece of energy-infused jewelry might help you get rid of your bad luck, it may help to take a closer look at the concept of luck itself.

Luck is traditionally looked at as a state of harmony or disharmony in one’s life. It is thought that good luck manifests itself when you are in proper alignment with oneself and the energies around you. Bad luck, on the other hand, could be the result of an inability to move on from the past or a misalignment between your mindset and your current life’s circumstances.

The key determinant of luck is often your perception. In the heat of the moment, this might seem like the last thing you want to accept, but the reality is that it is often our perception of events that lock us into a certain frame of mind. Bad luck, in this respect, is often a result of only seeing the negative in life and reacting accordingly, rather than opening ourselves up to the good around us and acting on that reality instead.

The purpose behind luck jewelry such as Buddha rings is that these items can help to balance your energy and shift your perception in a healthy direction, which in turn could help to improve your luck. The positive energy associated with the Buddha is also important for improving your perception of self and the world at large, which leads to a greater sense of self-love, crucial for changing your fortune around.

The Metaphysical Benefits of The Color Jade

There’s another element worth looking at in terms of generating good fortune in your life. Jade is a stone with powerful metaphysical properties and has been used to promote harmony for thousands of years. Even the color of this stone is said to resonate in alignment with the heart chakra and has long been looked at as lucky. Many pieces of spiritual jewelry and religious statuary are created using this beautiful color for this very reason.

The color of jade is often associated with good luck, abundance, and healing energies. A ring that resonates with these energies could certainly help to shift your mindset in a positive direction and instill feelings of acceptance.

What The Buddha Represents For You

The Buddha emphasized self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, and cultivating harmony in one’s life. Very often, a streak of bad luck can be attributed to a lack of these principles being present in our lifestyle. A lack of forgiveness or acceptance can keep us from seizing opportunities or making healthy decisions, which can result in the appearance of “bad luck” manifesting in our lives.

A Buddha ring essentially combines the impactful imagery of the Buddha with the harmonizing energies of jade, for a truly effective good luck solution that can help you shift your life in a positive direction.

An Energy-Infused Solution

Here in our store, you will find a powerful metaphysical energy ring that utilizes the good luck generating powers of jade colors along with the uplifting and paradigm-shifting energies of the Buddha. What’s more, each of these rings is personally infused with positive intent that can aid you in eliminating bad luck from your life.

Unfortunate events and runs of bad luck are a part of life, but they don’t have to define us, nor do they have to persist. A simple shift in perspective is sometimes all that is needed to set us on a better course.

Whether you are trying to move on from past events and are struggling through sluggish and unlucky energies, or if you simply want a piece of energy jewelry that is specifically geared toward bringing fortune and favor into your life, my stunning Buddha rings may be the perfect good luck charm to add into your life. Blessed, chakra aligned, and meticulously handmade, these inspiring jewelry pieces are perfect for those who want to carve out a new path in life, one that is more positive and fulfilling.

This needs to be reworked because the ring doesn’t have actual jade in it. It is only the color in the image.