Using Reiki Jewelry to Heal and Unblock Your Chakras

Using Reiki Jewelry to Heal and Unblock Your Chakras

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Aug 10th 2021

The practice of chakra clearing and balancing is deeply ancient, first referenced in the Vedas, which date back all the way to 1500 BCE. While reiki as a named practice actually developed out of Japan much later, the idea of working with healing energies and using them to clear the chakras or energy centers of the body can be found in many traditions all over the world.

These spiritual practices often included the use of reiki jewelry, or specially crafted amulets, talismans, and other items that were infused with energy and designed to help unblock the chakras and promote healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Reiki healing is a practice that remains popular and which is practiced by thousands of adherents worldwide. Not only is it an effective means of providing healing and comfort for others, reiki is actually a complex system of spiritual self-mastery that one can use to further their own development as well. This makes the practice beneficial on multiple levels.

If you have always wanted to practice reiki or would love to know more about how energy jewelry can help enhance your ability to heal others or yourself, the following guide will help you. I will also explain in greater detail the chakra system and how to spot energy imbalances in yourself.

What is Reiki Jewelry?

Also referred to as “Reiki infused” jewelry, these are carefully designed pieces of spiritual jewelry that use specific gemstones or imagery that helps to promote the clear flow of energy in the subtle body.

This is done in a multitude of ways. For instance, certain gemstones are known to resonate at frequencies that are aligned with our chakras. By wearing these pieces of jewelry, it helps these energy centers of our body function correctly, often by helping to remove emotional and mental blockages.

One of the primary ways that energy becomes stuck or stagnant is through unprocessed emotions and negative thinking patterns. Reiki can help relieve people of these blockages, which in turn helps to clear their chakras. The residual effect of this is often a better mood, feelings of empowerment and mental clarity, and a greater sense of wellness throughout the body on every level.

To better understand the power of reiki jewelry and how these items work, it is important to understand the chakras and the nature of the energy body.

Understanding the Chakra System and Subtle Energy

From a spiritual perspective, the human body is multifaceted, consisting of a physical, mental, and emotional sheath. Many traditions also speak of the energy body, or etheric self, as well as our astral body. All of this terminology differs from culture to culture, but there is a near universal consensus that we are all made up of subtle energy and that this spiritual force is regulated through various energy centers of the body.

This energy has gone by many names depending on the culture. In Japan, where reiki originates from, subtle energy is referred to as ki. This spiritual force is regulated through energy centers that are most commonly referred to as chakras, although this term is Hindu in origin.

Many systems developed over the years to tap into and work with these energies. Despite the variance in terminology and understanding of these forces, the core teachings of reiki have persisted over the years as a reliable means of chakra healing, spiritual discipline, and a method of establishing a deeper sense of spiritual harmony in one’s life. In this way, reiki is not just a healing practice, but a full-fledged spiritual path that can provide you with a complete framework for a holistic lifestyle.

Whenever you are working with these subtle energies, inevitably you are going to deal with the chakras. These energy centers are said to be responsible for certain mental and emotional states and the condition of our entire body. They can become stagnant and blocked due to a number of factors, including negative thinking, bad lifestyle choices, and a lack of physical discipline. Reiki jewelry and various reiki techniques have been developed to address these issues and help bring the body back into balance.

How can you tell if you or someone you know has blocked chakras or unbalanced energy?

●Crown Chakra: Inward fear, loneliness, depression, a lack of spiritual connection.

●Third Eye Chakra: Brain fog, nightmares, restlessness, lack the ability to focus.

●Throat Chakra: Problems with self expression, communication, relationships, and

●Heart Chakra: Find it hard to love yourself and open up to the world. Guilt and repressed emotions could be present.

●Solar Plexus Chakra: Anger, talkativeness, appetite issues, lethargy.

●Sacral Chakra: Self esteem issues, emotional instability, addiction.

●Base Chakra: Feelings of greed and self-centeredness, sexual dysfunction, lust.

This is only a cursory overview. Oftentimes when one chakra imbalance is present, there are multiple related issues including general disharmony throughout the body. The beauty of reiki as a practice is that it addresses the body holistically: body, mind, and spirit as one. Because it is thought that the state of our energy determines our total well-being, you can see why reiki jewelry could be a great benefit to anyone interested in personal healing.

The Practice of Reiki and Energy Healing

Reiki is an ancient tradition and those who practice it often go through years of training and discipline to master the art. Despite its inherent simplicity, which involves focusing your intent and channeling your energy, or ki, to another person (or yourself as the case may be), mastering the art can take time.

However, anyone can practice energy healing with the right spiritual tools and direction. Since certain gemstones are naturally attuned to the different energy centers of the body, you can use reiki jewelry as a means of balancing the body and focusing your spiritual intent. Likewise, a piece of jewelry featuring powerful spiritual imagery and that is already channeled with positive energy, could help you in your personal reiki practices.

Spiritual healing is open to anyone. Here in our store, you will find several pieces of energy jewelry that are designed to enhance your reiki practice, including chakra healing pendants, and magical energy necklaces infused with chakra-balanced energy.

The positive intent that has gone into the creation of these jewelry pieces makes them especially effective at balancing the energy of whoever wears them. This is important not only for personal healing and holistic wellness, but for the sake of those who you want to heal as well. In reiki, as in life, first you must heal yourself if you intend on healing others. Through the practice of reiki, you can work on balancing your own energy so that you may be of greater service to those around you.

Whether you are in search of effective reiki jewelry for your own needs or whether you are looking for tools that will help to enhance your spiritual healing practices so that you may help others more effectively, the pieces of spiritually-crafted jewelry that you will find here are just what you need. Browse through our selection and see which of our stunning pieces calls out to you.