Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Being hurt or angry is a choice, rather than a condition.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

You may feel hurt or angry over the disapproval or rejection by another. But looking at this from up high, it appears that they did not actually make you feel this way. Rather you let what they did or said make you feel this way.

You must understand that you actually, possibly subconsciously, made a choice to let this affect you. Ask yourself why you let this hurt you. While we all experience major, devastating hurts at some point in our lives, you will find that almost all of the things that initially feel that way turn out to be so much less with time. If this is one of those major hurts, time will heal it, even if it doesn't feel that way right now.

Better things are actually just around the corner for you. You are far stronger than you think.