Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Even when life evolves unexpectedly, trust you are safe.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

Change can be startling and often you resist. You argue or manipulate to return to the original plan. You do not know what choice is best, but you are not comfortable with sudden change.

Sometimes life evolves in beautiful ways that you cannot anticipate. If you refuse to go with the flow you can miss out on miraculous opportunities and divine appointments. It is like the farmer whose son breaks his leg when thrown from a horse. Everyone in the village offers their sympathy and declares this a tragedy. The farmer responds, “ Maybe so, maybe not”. Then when the army rides through conscripting soldiers, the son is spared from duty because of his injury.

Not everything is as it seems, but until you ride the wave you cannot know what is beneficial and what is not. Relax and trust spirit.