Your Spiritual Reading for Today - If we see all people as having equal worth, we stand on a firm foundation of true compassion.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When you see others as being unfortunate, you may be riding the high horse of ego. Are you judging someone as less than you or are you genuinely offering them unconditional compassion?

One way of thinking takes you farther from your highest purpose, the other fills you will enthusiasm and joy for life. There is an inherent danger to comparing yourself to others, to create and measure self worth. If anything changes in your circumstances, you may be toppled from your self-created pedestal. In an attempt to inflate its importance, Ego tricks you into comparing your life to others and inspires good works from self interested motivation.

When you give without expecting return and without a sense of doership, your soul lightens and you evolve to truly have the Buddha’s compassion.