Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Illuminate your shadow aspect and grow beyond its subconscious hold.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

When you are incensed by someone’s actions, your shadow may be showing. The great psychologist Carl Jung discussed how this unknown, dark side can unconsciously rule people.

When you have unflattering aspects of your character that are unexamined, often those very shortcomings in others are the object of your scorn. An extremely strong reaction to something is a clue that you need to look in the mirror for these very qualities in yourself. Whenever you become incensed or lobby strongly against something that you disapprove of, look within.

Do the turn around and notice when you have done the same thing. Could you be subtlety driven by the same subconscious principle? This is how racism perpetuates. Use this awareness to root out this darkness and grow to be the person you admire.