Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Look at every attempt to reach you goal as a trial run preparing you for the moment of success.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

One of the hardest experiences is when you put your heart and soul on the table for everyone to judge and the reception was not as you hoped.

By being willing to connect and share yourself, you can be left with hurt feelings, embarrassment and shame. Although these emotions are not very productive and can be painful, you are keenly sensitive so this is only natural. The key is to flip sensitivity to perception and to move through lack of acceptance and fine tune. The times you were not embraced were dress rehearsals. You had a chance to practice and iron out the kinks, so keep trying.

The next job interview or date could hold the keys to the castle you have been seeking. This will not be the last No you experience, but the Yes will be worth the wait!