Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Replace your suspicious outlook with an optimistic view of humanity, this shift will draw others to you.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

You are convinced that people are not as they seem and suspect people have ulterior motives. You are the first to share your take on the latest conspiracy theory and are tempted to believe the cover stories on the grocery store tabloids.

When others achieve, you can be quick to pick apart their accomplishments and find flaws in their success. Take a time out. How you view and experience the world is your choice. Don’t be naïve. Use discernment and avoid scammers who want to separate you from your money or safety. But, focusing on the bright side of life and noticing others aptitudes, while always emphasizing the best in people are traits others will always admire.

You attitude will reflect on you and soon others will admire you and seek your company.