Your Spiritual Reading for Today - Shine with love, even when others criticize you for being different.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jul 16th 2020

Not everyone will fit in to the community where they were born. You are a seeker who has come to this planet at a critical time with a mission to help us evolve to a new level of light, acceptance and compassion. Others might not understand nor be ready for your galactic vision. You feel out of step with your peers, family and coworkers. You may not be able to leave just yet.

 Maybe you were put where you are to subtlety uplift and heal others by simply being in their presence, with no words exchanged. Do not turn other’s misunderstanding of your open mind upon yourself. Be careful not to self medicate or numb yourself to manage the pain you feel in others.

Seek out your tribe for support, they are hidden everywhere even in the most conservative communities. Then, shine brightly.