Your Spiritual Reading Today - Don’t let your lack of conformity hold you back from expressing your creativity and unique contribution.

Posted by Energy Artist Julia on Jun 8th 2020

Don't worry about being different.You have been given many wonderful traits as a result. Focus on your unique gifts.

Have you always felt you don't relate to most people nor fit into many situations? Do you seek out likeminded people who might be considered to be on the fringe? 

It is possible you are different not because you are inadequate, but because you have abilities others don’t. Yes, you may be odd or strange in relation to mainstream concepts of “normal”, but you possess traits that all humans will eventually aspire to cultivate. 

You possess the sensitivity to see through people who put on airs or wear a mask over their true selves. 

This can make some uncomfortable because others cannot hide their sadness or sense of inadequacy from you. These gifts can give you empathy and the ability to heal others with your understanding and compassion. 

Foster your awareness to benefit yourself and humanity.