Amethyst Bird Song Charm - Sees through deception, self deception and eliminates irrational fears

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On this morning, the vision of a bird, bathed in amethyst light calls to you ... and the color has deep meaning. Amethyst is the color and stone used to focus metaphysical energies in meditation.

It is believed to be the color of the Aquarian age and was used by the Egyptians as a ward against self deception and fearful feelings. The very word Amethyst, from the Greeks means without drunkenness or having a sober and focused mind.

How To Use It

Focus on this image each morning and allow your thoughts and strengths to become powerful, overcoming the deception of fear, so you can live in and appreciate the beauty around you.

Available Charms

Hand made with loving care. Chakra balanced, blessed and energy enhanced by the Energy Artist Julia. We pay special attention to detail and quality throughout this 7 step process.

Size: 3/4 x 3/4 inches. Can be placed on any charm bracelet. Materials: Fired resinated glass on silver plate. PRICE IS FOR THE CHARM ONLY. Bracelets sold separately.


 Recommended Charm Combinations Amplify Their Benefits

Combining charms amplifies the energy of each. They work even better and you feel better. There are no bad combinations, only good, but certain ones can be combined together on an individual bracelet to maximize your intended benefits.

For Reducing Fear And Worry

Combine the Star Angel, Amethyst Birdsong, Peace Tree, Singing Angel Tree and Golden Wave Charms.

Energy Clearing Neutralizing Toxic Or Deceptive People 

To clear bad energy from whatever space you enter and neutralize toxic or untruthful people, combine, Buddhist Monks Indigo Elephant, Peace Tree, Bodhi Tree and Amethyst Birdsong Charms. This combination creates around you a powerful aura of peace and harmony which is far stronger than any negativity you encounter. Add the Buddha’s Light charm to further amplify this energy. Buddha’s energy was so strong that no one in his vicinity could commit a crime or even think a bad thought.

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 The Enchanted Forest

The blue dragonfly is found within the enchanted forest which is a common theme within energy artist Julia's new line of work. The enchanted forest is a place we visit in our dreams and legends, a real world created from our collective subconscious where mysteries are unraveled and blessings are received. It is born of our hopes and desires, a physical manifestation of that deep well of creativity from which each of us may draw in limitless abundance. It is the form in which often that magical pool of metaphysical energy chooses to reveal itself to us. Let your mind float out into the forest and discover the truths that once eluded you.

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