Canyon Spirits - Medicine Visions II

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In her second painting of the area, Energy Artist Julia captures the beauty and deeply mystic hues of purple and gold this canyon emits as energy orbs (spirits) dance along sunlit canyon walls and over waters reflecting the colors of fall.

Known as Yampah (“Big Medicine”) to the Native American Utes inhabiting the Glenwood Canyon (Colorado) area, the hot springs at the mouth of this canyon were used in many religious ceremonies. They were believed to possess amazing healing and visionary powers.

The area was held sacred for this reason as well as the golden energy that seems to emanate from the land itself. We can only imagine the wonder experienced by the first human to enter this almost surreal setting.

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Available Prints

We are offering top grade giclee prints based on this original painting. These are not posters but archival prints that meet the quality standards of museums and fine art collectors. They are rated to remain colorful and vibrant for over 100 years. All measurements in inches.

How To Use It

Focus on this image and let the golden light wash over you much like closing your eyes and facing the sun. Let your mind float out over the golden water and mix with the energy orbs. Wait for a message with a calm mind and write down the first impression or image that enters your thoughts.

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About Sacred Places

Sacred places exist around the world and have since the dawn of man attracted us to them on a highly instinctual level. Science offers explanations such as geologic meridians and magnetic vortexes. What science cannot explain though is how we find them. Without knowing why, we are drawn to them and somehow realize that we stand on hallowed ground. Most of the great insights and visions which have guided the course of humanity have come from visits to such places. In her new series of paintings, artist Julia Watkins creates metaphysical works that capture and emit the energy of our most sacred and powerful places … serving as a portal for those who cannot visit.

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All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.