Deer Spirit Energy Painting - Giclee Print

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Deer Spirit asked that I create this energy image so you can unlock a deep, magical forest secret.

Learn below about this great and powerful gift spirit has now bestowed upon you.

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ABOUT: When you place the print in your home you immediately create a positive healing space filled with higher consciousness and peace. Try staring into the image right now and see how it makes you feel. This is the feeling you could have all of the time when you place the print somewhere in your home … and having it there in person is so much more powerful than looking at it on your computer.

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 About: This energy enhanced print is hand signed by the artist. It is a top quality museum grade print made using the finest materials available. It is archival, meaning it will remain vibrant and colorful for over 100 years. Sold with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 120 Day Exchange Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.

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 DEER SPIRIT SAYS THERE IS A MAGICAL, DEEP FOREST SECRET YOU MUST UNLOCK AND THAT I AM TO GIVE YOU THE KEY. I don’t know the secret. You do. It is locked deep within the spiritual recesses of your mind, waiting for you to find it. I’d actually love to know what it is if you are able to tell me. But for now, I just need to show you this image which is the key to unlocking it. I do not believe in coincidences. If you are touched by this image, it was meant for you or someone close to you. I pray that the magical abilities conveyed to you, whoever you are, through this will be used for the highest good of humanity. I was told to remind you that only the power of pure, unconditional love will allow your spirit to travel the hidden forest deer paths and discover this secret.

HOW DEER SPIRIT SAYS IT WILL WORK FOR YOU In my vision I see you in your dreams stepping through a doorway this amulet has opened for you. Your spirit travels the hidden deer paths, seeing through the eyes of the deer .... feeling what she feels ... smelling what she smells. She takes you to all of deer spirit's secret haunts ... things most humans have never seen. They are beautiful. And in each of these places, the play of energies, the light and the colors leave with you a powerful inexplicable impression. It is something wonderful but at the same time something you might not at first understand. But rather quickly these impressions mould into thoughts, ideas and words. Once they take form within you, the magic of these things can be used by you for yourself or for others. Through this sacred journey, you acquire these deep, magical secrets and powers.

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THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FOR YOU TO KEEP THESE ABILITIES. The understandings, insights and magical abilities you gain from deer spirit will only work when you embrace the power of unconditional love. They are quite useless without it. I believe this is why spirit directed me to create this energy image and include a doe and fawn. Because of all the forest images we may see, nothing evokes the energies of unconditional love like a mother deer and her babe. This image is the catalyst for keeping the door open for you. You can simply look at it here if you like or see it on my website. If you want to have this energy near at all times, you can get a print or jewelry piece.

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THESE ABILITIES DEER SPIRIT NOW GIVES YOU. Please focus on the image. Deer spirit now gives you the ability to experience, sense and feel things on an entirely different level. It is much the same energy a new mother experiences. She will tell you that it is as if the world before the birth of her child was a dream. After her child comes she is able to feel things in a way she never knew were possible. It is both wonderful and a bit overwhelming. This is the deep feeling power of unconditional love that you have just touched through deer spirit. Many will tell you that deer spirit gives them the ability to know without thinking, seeing far into things to achieve a much deeper understanding. It appears you are now connected to this universal energy of inexplicable knowing. I am so honored that I could help you do this.

WHEN WILL THIS PAINTING AND JEWELRY BE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC VIEW AND NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE? Lately I have taken down a lot of energy images at the direction of spirit. I get a message that they have run their course and I have them removed from my website. I'm sorry if you have missed out but I really cannot predict when they will be taken down. Some are up for a very short time (weeks or less) while others stay up for years. It is a fluid thing and I just go with the messages I receive.

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 All images and writing Copyright Julia Watkins and Energism Art Corp. All rights reserved.

This is a top quality, museum grade giclee print which will remain vibrant for over 100 years.

Larger prints (anything over our smallest size) are special order and are not returnable.

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by DJOURA ABBAS on May 1st 2021

    This is one of the few prints I bought and it is very beautiful. I have put the prints in my sacred room and I look at them daily. Can’t wait until the deer tells me the secrets of the forest. That’s how I feel.

  • 5
    Amazing and powerful

    Posted by Kate on Sep 24th 2018

    I was blown away by this print - it has a special energy and is just beautiful - it currently sits on My desk and I feel it is helping me with my study - the energy is so pure and uplifting if you look into the print you feel it x