Gaia Spirit Of The Earth - Positive Energy Pendant

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Gaia is the beautiful energy and spirit of our planet and all living things. You experience her every day without knowing it ... in a stunning sunset, in the smell of rain, in waving field of flowers, in a breath taking rainbow, in butterfly flitting through the air, in a murmuring brook.

When your heart fills with joy from the beauty all around you, you are talking to Gaia.

Communion with Gaia is the most spiritually uplifting and healing thing you can do. Gaia fills you with energy and life. In this divinely inspired pendant, Energy Artist Julia created Gaia as a celestial being who holds in her loving eye the energy, life-force and balance of all life on our planet.

PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK FOR THIS ITEM TO SHIP. Hand made in the USA. Chakra balanced, energy enhanced and personally blessed by the artist. Fired resinated glass on stainless. 1.75 x 1 inches. Price is for the pendant only. Chains sold separately. 

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My husband Spencer and I for some time had been reading about the almost unbelievable near future of our planet .... like the complete loss of all large fish in the tropics in the next 50 years, or the extinction of many of God's animals, or pollution of water and air that would render the planet nearly uninhabitable.

It seemed that every time we read the news we got depressed over what was to come. What's worse, we felt completely helpless to stop it. Our political and business leaders seemed so focused on getting all they could for themselves with total disregard for how that would affect the earth and us.

We kept asking spirit what can we do to help and the image of Gaia kept appearing to me. Then one night, Spencer heard the message Our love of Gaia will save the planet.

The next morning we talked about it and realized the answer is love. Love is the one thing than can get people, even selfish and greedy people to not act in their own self-interest.

We conceived the idea to create an energetic representation of Gaia, per her instructions and include the words she spoke to Spencer, then try to spread it through my friends and fans and get this energy working through the collective subconscious. We believed that through this we could spread the love of Gaia strong enough to change things.

Gaia gave us many signs that this would work. We felt honored that she chose us to spread this message. We realized that of all the things we have done ... of all the messages we have spread through my art, this is the most important thing we have done, and maybe will ever do.

We ask and pray that all the powers of spirit converge to ensure that this message, image and energy spreads throughout our society and ensures the continuation of life on our planet. 

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